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African Insanctus

Violent Toolbox

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping

Kids and Guns

Events, dear boy, Events.

I Wannabe Anarchy! Get Pissed! Destroy!

The Were-theres of Young Sorrow

Black Hand Hybrid

All of Your Cards are Belong to Us!

Unlife in the City

Black Hand Anarchs 2

Black Hand Anarchs

Slippery !Gangrel

Brujah CE HF deck

Malkavian CE HF deck

Toreador CE HF deck

Tremere CE HF deck

Nosferatu CE HF deck

Breast or Thigh, Sir?

I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?

The Appliance of Science

Happy Families Ventrue

Goodnight, Sweet Prince (2)


Children of the Night

The Ditchwitch Deck

Those Meddling Kids

One-third of the Beast

Windy City Wide-Boys

Karaoke Killers

Tweaked and Tatuised

St Bartholemew's Day Massacre

Rafastio Ghouls A-go-go

Embrace the Serpent

Temptation of Greater Sleaze

Toreador Antitribu Teaching Deck

Lasombra Teaching Deck

Setite Happy Families

Raving Werewolves


Challenge Response

Path of the Feral Heart / Pre-Sabbat War Release

Mother Knows Best

Cheapass weenie allies/vote deck

Brujah Antitribu Happy Families deck

Anam and Ian Wedding deck

Goodnight Sweet Prince deck

Anklebiter Goes Tactical

Lucita deck that Doesn't Need Lucita

The Black Hand

Temptation of Greater Power

Scout-And-Rush deck

Lasombra - Happy Families deck

The Wolves are Coming

The Wolves are Coming - Limited Budget deck

Nosferatu - Happy Families deck

Too Many Wakes Happy Families deck

City Gangrel Antitribu Happy Families deck

Country Gangrel Antitribu Happy Families deck

Frying Tonight - Limited Budget deck

American Beauty deck

An Experiment Using a Live Child

Gangrel Antitribu Happy Families deck

The Many Masks of Dragos

Ravnos Happy Families deck

Toreador Antitribu Happy Families deck

Gangrel Antitribu Combat/Concept deck

Mulitple Rush deck

Legbiter's Childer's Crusade

Weenie ANI/FOR rush deck

Legbiter’s Lackeys of Legerdemain

Monique deck

Emmenthal deck of boring cheese

Malkavian Out of Turn Rush deck version 3.0 (most recent)

Malkavian OOT Prince-protean combat deck 5th Edition (third)

Malkavian Out of Turn Combat deck - 4th Edition (second)

Malkavian Out of Turn Combat deck (first)

Gangrel Antitribu Allies deck

The Christmas Carol version of the Raptor deck

Legbiter's Second Crusade

Princes of Carthage Clone

Legbiter's Christmas Cracker

Legbiter's Halloweenies

The Betrayer deck

Betrayer in Action