Anam and Ian's Wedding Deck

Anam and Ian got married on Saturday, and it was a very moving little 
ceremony followed by TWO slap-up meals and a disco in the evening. Now 
i am feeling very fat and a bit woozy from all the Guinness and champagne 
and dancing. In their honour i made the following Anam and Ian's Wedding 
deck [Happy Families, lots of Presence - Geddit????], and it swept a 
4-player during the party - Michael McClellan aka Anklebiter was my first 
prey, playing one of Dave Hammond's decks - massive Gangrel rush-combat - 
Dave Hammond himself was my second prey, playing a really neat little 
Giovanni/!Malkavian allies deck, and John Eagles was my last prey, playing 
his Lasombra scary guys. Actually i got John and David out in the same 
turn, i think, having two turns previously been on 1 pool at the beginning 
of my turn. Charming Lobby, Bewitching Oration Parity Shift followed by KRC 
and then with vote dominance and pool i could misdirect, vote and bleed to 
my evil heart's content. Exciting!
CRYPT [12 cards]
Timothy Crowley x 2
Jazz Wentworth x 2
Heather Florent
Emerson Bridges
Courtland Leighton x 2
Sir Walter Nash x 2
Melissa Barton
Lucia Pacciola
Elder Library
Elysium: The Arboretum
Golconda - Inner Peace
Hostile Takeover
Information Highway
Minion Tap
Misdirection x 8
Sudden Reversal
Uptown Hunting Ground
Ventrue Headquarters
Conservative Agitation
Consanguineous Boon x 2
Disputed Territory
Domain Challenge x 4
Kindred Restructure
Kine Resources Contested x 6
Parity Shift x 2
Political Ally
Rat's Warning x 3
Bonding x 2
Deflection x 4
Foreshadowing Destruction
Govern the Unaligned x 7
Conditioning x 3
Dawn Operation
Day Operation
Hidden Strength
Indominability x 3
Restoration x 2
Skin of Night
Skin of Rock x 3
Skin of Steel x 3
Unflinching Persistence x 2
Bewitching Oration x 4
Charming Lobby x 3
Majesty x 7
Voter Captivation x 3
This is obviously a theme deck, a party deck, not to be taken too seriously, 
and i built it from my "free" cards, ie the stash of stuff that people have 
either given me or that i've won in tournaments. That way i don't get too 
upset if someone spills beer on them. The deck worked fine but i think it 
would do better if trimmed down to 75 cards; take out 3 Misdirection, 1 Rat's 
Warning, 1 Charming Lobby, 1 Bewitching Oration, Hidden Strength, Skin of 
Steel, Restoration, Foreshadowing Destruction, 2 GTU, 1 Cons Boon, 1 KRC, 
1 Domain Challenge. That's the form in which i will use it on Steve and Lunar 
when they come round this afternoon.