When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping

DECK: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping [yet another Una
abuses Freak Drive deck].

Just as the Fulani of Northern Nigeria are the most beautiful humans in
the world [Czech/Slovak women IMO running them a close second], the
Finno-Ugrians are the most intelligent. Nowadays concentrated in
Finland and Hungary, but with outlying populations all over Northern
Russia, these extraordinary people regularly churn out innovative
mathematicians, scientists, musicians, inventors and economists.
Occasionally they turn their mighty brains towards Jyhad/VTES
deck-building and here is a third-hand version of one such deck, which
I built from a Finnish idea communicated to me by Rob Treasure. It's an
abuse-Una-and-hunts-not-counting-for-NRA deck, so not totally
unprecedented on this NG. My excuse for posting it is that it's a bit
cheaper to build than most such decks, and it works OK as a shock-deck
in our playgroup.

DECK: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping
BUILT BY: Legbiter, who has a friend in Pinsk, who has a friend in Minsk [etc]
CONCEPT: Una can play Freak Drives for Free. She has simply SCADS of
disciplines. Hunts no longer count under NRA, so you can cycle
Hand-jamming freak drives. C'mon, you're bright guys and gals, you can
work the rest of it out!

CRYPT [12 Vampire cards]
5 x Una
7 x Frederick the Weak

Blood Doll x 2
Direct Intervention
Dreams of the Sphinx
Gang Territory
Pentex Subversion
Waste management Operation

Ablative Skin
Army of Rats
Blessing of Chaos
Bum's Rush
Carrion Coffin
Covenant of Blood
Eternal Vigilance
Fire Dance
Shadow of the Beast
War Party

Beast Meld
Freak Drive x 28
The Kiss of Ra

Form of Mist

Rapid Change

Blood Tears of Kephran
Desert Eagle
IR Goggles
Ivory Bow
Leather Jacket
Palatial Estate
Sire's Index Finger

Jackie Therman
JS Simmons, Esq.
Murder of Crows
Owl Companion
Raven Spy
Tasha Morgan
Mr Winthrop

There's probably a case for a Twisted Forest, maybe even a Creepshow
Casino in the masters. But this is an OK deck.