Nosferatu - Happy Families Deck

This is posted in response to the request for decent nossie decks. The 
deck below is an all-jyhad deck constructed according to the Happy 
Families formula, and it really is rather good - in fact, it has never 
once out of 5 or 6 outings failed to get me at least 1 VP, and it has 
won 3 or 4 games.

2 Sheldon 9 POT ANI OBF AUS for Justicar
2 Selma 8 POT ani OBF for Prince
2 Chester 7 POT ANI obf for Primogen
2 Sammy 4 pot ani obf
Agrippina 4 pot OBF
Duck 3 pot obf
Koko 2 pot
Dimple 2 obf

18 Masters: 5 Minion Tap [average blood capacity of this crypt is 5
and 7 twelfths, bit big, and bloat is going to be your best defence
against a quick bleed deck] 
3 Blood doll 
KRCG News Radio 
Haven Uncovered 
Slum HG 
Temptation of Greater Power
[use as a master-phase bleed against your prey, and if you are lucky it
will set you up for a Parity shift, too!]. 
The Rack
2 Spawning Pool [An
underrated card, in my view, especially if you have ANI and rat's
warning. Actually the surprise value of Temptation/GP and spawning
pool is a lot of the reason for their inclusion - tends to put people off
their game if a really unusual card turns up]. 

18 No Discipline cards: 
2 Parity Shift 
2 Nosferatu Justicar 
Fifth Tradition 
2 Bum's Rush 
2 Taste
of Vitae 
Second Tradition 
Saturday Night Special

15 Potence
7 Mighty Grapple
3 Thrown Gate
2 Rampage
3 Undead Strength

15 Obfuscate
5 Cloak the Gathering
2 Mask 1K Faces
3 Faceless Night
2 Spying mission
3 Lost in Crowds

12 Animalism
5 Rat's Warning
Army of Rats
2 Raven Spy
4 Cat's Guidance

9 Fortitude
3 Skin of Rock
5 Skin of Steel
Freak Drive

3 Auspex
2 Telepathic Misdirection
Pulse of the Canaille

That's 8 actions, 6 votes, 2 Retainers, 1 Equip [17 card-based reasons
to tap a vampire, if you like]: 16 Action modifiers: 16 Reactions: 23
combat cards.