atomweaver's 2 starter challenge response

Second Offering: Violent Toolbox
Ingredients: !Brujah + Gangs Precons

CONCEPT: Your Prey is Still on Your Left, but now you can reach out to
touch others, if needs be. Weeny-ish potence enlivened by celerity and

CRYPT [12 vampires, group 2/3]
Amelia !Bru 7 CEL POT PRE Bishop, +1 stealth rush on wee vampires
Richter, Templar of Du Mont !Bru  7 for pre CEL POT +1 strength
Pug Jackson 6 for pre CEL POT Bru Primogen
Sela 6 Bishop !Bru cel obt POT PRE special +1 bleed
Rigby, Crusade Vanguard !Bru 5 aus pot CEL PRE pointless special
Hugo 4 pre vic POT !Bru -1 intercept against Las/Tzi
Victor Tolliver 4 pot CEL !Bru
Darva Felispa 3 ani pot Nos
David Morgan, The Scourge 3 aus pot Mal +1 intercept against little guys
Gengis 3 aus cel pot Bru special
Jacob Bragg 3 cel pot !Bru
Eddie Gaines dem pot 1 sleeps after meals

MASTERS [18 cards]
Amusement Park HG
The Barrens
Blood Doll x 4
Celerity x 2
The Coven
Direct Intervention
Haven Uncovered  x 2
Mob Connections
Potence x 2
Sudden Reversal
Tribute to the Master

MINION [72 cards]
ACTIONS [15 cards]
Ambush x 6
Bum's Rush x 2
Enchant Kindred x 3
Legal Manipulations x 2
Social Charm

COMBAT [41 cards]
Blur x 3
Burning Wrath
Fake Out
Fast Hands x 2
Flash x 4
Immortal Grapple
Lightning Reflexes
Pulled Fangs x 2
Pursuit x 4
Pushing the Limit x 3
Sacrament of Carnage x 2
Taste of Vitae
Thrown Sewer Lid x 3
Torn Signpost x 2
Trap x 2
Undead Strength x 6

EQUIPMENT [8 cards]
.45 Magnum
Gas-Powered Chainsaw
Laptop Computer
Leather Jacket
Meat Cleaver
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Wooden Stake

Autarkis Persecution

REACTION [6 cards]
Forced Awakening
Pack Tactics
Wake with Evening's Freshness x 4

RETAINER [1 card]
Mr Winthrop