Those Meddling Kids

Here it is, for Daughters of Cack fans, and maybe for some others as
well. Variants of this deck have done in Barney [on Sunday, this being
the only deck that actually did the eventual tournament winner in -
and congratulations Barney on your win!] and Rob [when we went round
to his house for tea]: and since these two gentlemen are widely and
IMO rightly regarded as the best players in the UK, there's arguably
something to work with here.

DECK NAME: And i'd have gotten away with it, too - if it weren't for Those Meddling Kids
CREATED BY: Legbiter
CONCEPT: Happy Families-constructed 90-card variant of
Karaoke Killers [qv]. Bleed and/or vote until your prey falls over.

CRYPT [12 vampire cards]
Heather Florent - The Opportunist
Angela Preston x 3
Gael Pilet x 2
Delilah Monroe x 2
Roland Loussarian
Celeste, voice of a Secret

Anarch Troublemaker x 2
Blood Doll x 2
Dreams of the Sphinx
Effective management x 2
Elder Library
Elysium, the Arboretum
Information Highway
Paris Opera house
The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
Secure haven
Sudden reversal
Tribute to the Master x 2

Bribes x 2
Change of Target x 2
Concert Tour x 2
Consanguineous Boon
Conservative Agitation x 3
Disputed Territory
Kine Resources Contested x 5
Meddling of Semsith x 2
Praxis Seizure, Amsterdam
Praxis Seizure, Barcelona
Praxis Seizure, Berlin
Praxis Seizure, Brussels

Daring the Dawn x 4
Day Operation x 2
Force of Will x 3
Freak Drive x 2
The Kiss of Ra
Rapid Healing x 2
Skin of Rock x 2
Skin of Steel

Echo of harmonies x 3
Madrigal x 4
The Missing Voice x 6
Tourette's voice x 2

Aire of Elation x 3
Bewitching Oration x 4
Catatonic Fear
Charming Lobby x 2
Majesty x 2
Staredown x 2
Voter Captivation x 3