Embrace the Serpent

Legbiterized version of Sorrow's will-they-won't-they Setites

The idea for this deck came from something Sorrow [Chris Boget] played
against me when he visited us in June. i used my version successfully in two
Wednesday night games during July, managing on both occasions to take over ALL
my Tzimisce prey's vampires and then swarm-bleeding out my next preys
[3/4 and 4/5 possible vp]. Both times i was decked by the end, so 90
is not too big for this deck. On 2 other outings it [1] died horribly 
[prey's initial influence was Cailean, i was being dominate stealth-bled 
and didn't draw ANY Tributes] and [2] got 2/3 possible VPs in a game at home.

Deck Name: Embrace the Serpent
Created by: Legbiter, but inspired by Sorrow
Comments: If you block, i corrupt you. If you don't block i
swarm-bleed and swarm-corrupt you. If you rush me i get killed. If you vote against me
i DT your vote. If you bleed me i probably get killed but ecstasy and tribute
keep me in the game longer than you might think. Focussed-degenerate and
therefore a Setite clan theme-deck, if you like.

CRYPT [12 cards]
Lalitha 2
Celine Chevalier 3
Khalil Anvari 3
7 x Aabbt Kindred 4
2 x Nefertiti 10

LIBRARY [90 cards]
13 x Corruption
8 x The Embrace
Form of corruption
2 x Summon the Serpent
16 x Change of target
16 x Venenation
Opium Den
The Path of Typhon
8 x Serpentis
Temple Hunting Ground
9 x Tribute to the Master
4 x Delaying tactics
5 x Ecstasy
5 x Wake with Evening's Freshness