The Christmas Carol version of the Raptor deck

The Christmas Carol version of the Raptor deck owes much to discussion 
with Michael Beer and, i think, might do better .... 
it is basically a weenie bleed deck but with a DEADLY 
intercept/combat/hand-destruction sting in its furry-and-feathery little tail. 
Remember, by the way, that DotB is stackable, and that retainers "forget" 
who recruited them when they get transferred to new owners.

CRYPT [13] 
[aka Santa's helpful little elfs].
Navar McLaren 1 ani
Gillian Krader 2 ani dem
Dani 2 ani
Vliam Andor 2 ani
Anastasia Grey 3 ani pro
Raziya Samater 3 ani pot
Panagos Levidis 3 ani obf
Leon 3 ani for
Wendy Wade 3 ani aus
Tommy 3 ani pot
Shane Grimald 4 ani pot dom
Josef 4 ani obt obf
Laurent de Valois 4 ani dom obf


Heidelberg castle x 2
Animalism x 8
Tribute to the Master
Ascendance x 3
The Hungry Coyote
Inbase Diskotek
Effective Management x 2


Shepherd's Innocence x 2
Computer Hacking x 7
Family Reunion [aka Army of Rats]
Bum's Rush x 3

Terror Frenzy x 2
Drawing out the Beast x 8
Aid from Bats x 10
Christmas Carol of Serenity x 5
Lurky Turkeys [aka Carrion Crows] x 5

Dartmoor, England [Nothing to do with Christmas, but this is
                   one of the topspots in England for outdoor sex. 
                   Another is the New Forest. You need to check for ticks 
                   afterwards, though. They carry Lyme disease.]

Forced Awakening x 4 [Ooooo .... my poor head ....]
Guard Dogs x 8 [Remember: A Dog is for Death, not just for Christmas]
Cat's Guidance x 5

Fierce Turkey of Doom x 11 [aka Raptor]

This hasn't been playtested at all so is quite likely to be a disaster, but
perhaps not an unmitigated one ..... the core strategy of weenie minions
doing computer hacks is strong in the early game, and the ideal is that when
the weenie-hating decks finally hit the ground they get a nasty surprise from
the accumulating raptors and ranged combat. I toyed with the idea of
including a deer rifle or two and a few 5-cap vamps with ANI. Playtesting may
well reveal this to be the right approach. I also thought about Tier of Souls
but in the end decided to keep my copies for a nossie or gangrel deck because
of the stealth.