The Betrayer deck

Well I donıt know. Another month, a basketful of clues, and STILL nobody
came up with a solution to Legbiterıs challenge to build the Betrayer
deck. Anyone would think you were all dead or something. Oops. This one is
actually rather easy! And it is possibly the ONLY deck type whose Crypt is
larger than its library ...... the key point is that Betrayer stacks and
each one has to be burnt separately, so with enough of them, and
recruitment,  you can take your prey for really  large amounts of pool
every turn without going to the trouble of bleeding or voting against


ALL the vampires [one copy of each - about 250 vamps]. 
Plus about 150 copies of Anson, and 150 copies of Rudolpho Giovanni.

Masters: About 40 - 
 4 minion taps
 3 Parthenon
12 Recruitments 
21 Betrayers

 5 Fifth Traditions
 5 Whispers from the Dead

Political Actions: 
 7 Rumours of Gehenna
 3 Parity Shifts

Action Modifiers: 
 8 Bribes
 2 Bewitching Oration
 3 Voter Captivation
 7 Spectral Divination

10 Majesty.

Ideally, here is how this deck would work:
Round 1 - Master is either Recruitment [one of your preyıs vamps] or
Parthenon. Bring out Rudolpho.

Round 2 - 1-2 Betrayers on your preyıs vamp. Rudolpho calls a bribed
rumours of Gehenna. 4 on Anson.

Round 3 - 1-3 Betrayers on your preyıs vamp. Rudolpho recovers one from
your ash-heap. Bring out Anson.

Round 4 - If pool is getting low, minion tap Anson and do a 5th Tradition.  
Otherwise, 1-4 Betrayers on your preyıs vamp. Your prey is now
losing 3-9 pool per turn. Course, they can pay 3-9 not to lose them next
turn ..... Maybe start thinking about the next vamp you need to recruit..... 
hehehe ......