Cheapass weenie allies/vote deck

i made this deck with the contents of just over two boxes of Jyhad 
boosters, plus cards i have won in tourneys. i've already built two 
remarkably competitive decks from this pool - Nosferatu "Kagemusha" 
Happy Families deck, and Anam and Ian's wedding deck. This one used 
the leftovers, and positively STORMED to victory just now against 
Sarah's HF Ravnos and Michael's Anklebiter Goes Tactical deck. At 
the end i actually had over 30 pool, 6 vampires [1 in torpor], 
2 outcast mages, loyal street gang, Arms dealer, Thadius Zho and 
a renegade garou armed with the assault rifle!

CRYPT [15 vampires]
2 x Igo the Hungry
Dre, Leader of the Cold dawn
Roreca Quaid
Uma Hatch
Dr John Casey
Giuliano Vincenzi
Lydia van Cuelen
Vliam Andor
Anastasia Grey
Jing Wei
Ricki van Demsy
LIBRARY [90 cards]
Ascendance x 8
The Barrens
Effective Management x 3
Information Highway
Misdirection x 3
Presence x 2
Arms Dealer x 2
Assault Rifle
Autarkis Persecution x 7
Bribes x 5
Brujah Justicar
Change of Target x 2
Computer Hacking x 10
Cryptic Rider
Dramatic Upheaval
The Embrace x 2
Praxis Seizure: Chicago
Praxis Seizure: Cleveland
Praxis Seizure: Dallas
Praxis Seizure: Seattle
Kine Resources Contested
Lucky Blow x 4
Conservative Agitation x 4
Outcast Mage x 2
Renegade Garou x 3
Thadius Zho [Mage]
Tremere Justicar x 2
The Knights
Loyal Street gang x 2
Fake Out x 4
Zip Gun x 3
Bewitching Oration x 4
Charming Lobby
Disarming Presence x 2
Dread Gaze
Legal Manipulations
i actually didn't play ANY presence cards in this game, so they 
are probably questionable - i shall keep them at least until i've 
tested the deck in bigger/more competitive games. Lucky Blows might 
be better as extra fake Outs, dodges or Flak/leather jackets. 
Autarkis Persecution and recruiting allies worked a treat, misdirection 
and computer hacking and change of target all working smoothly together 
in their usual way. Could probably lose an effective management or two 
and thereby find space for SR and KRCG NEws Radio. Ascendance is GREAT 
in this deck. Not hard to devise a strategy to beat this deck, of course, 
but it does demonstrate that you can build a decent deck out of cheap 
and/or sucky cards.