Goodnight, Sweet Prince (2)

DECK: Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Marianne looked like a Romany and she was a bit of a job-gypsy, so she was almost 
as keen on the Ravnos as the Kiasyd [fairies were her great love].  Before her 
death i had promised to try to build her a Ravnos / Kiasyd deck but i never did, 
and to be honest, cannot see how to. The closest thing i can offer to a deck in 
her memory is therefore this new version of an old idea - to use Goodnight, Sweet 
Prince on your OWN crypt, and then to possess out or redeem the lost souls of the 
vampires you discard in this way. i haven't actually played this version of the 
deck yet, so this is tech-in-progress; i think it is better than the old versions 
which Xian and i developed long ago, i think it could be improved, but i'm not sure 
if it will ever be the basis of a competitive deck - which doesn't mean i'm not 
going to persevere with it. 

CRYPT [12 vampire cards]:
Ezmerelda x 2
Ivan Krenyenko x 5
Queen Anne
Wilhelm Waldburg

LIBRARY [90 cards]:

Dreams of the Sphinx
Fortune Teller Shop
Giant's Blood
Goodnight, Sweet Prince x 6
The Path of Paradox
Redeem the Lost Soul x 6
Week of Nightmares


The Sargon fragment x 3
Wake with Evening's Freshness x 4

Fata Morgana x 4
Mirror Image x 4
Red Herring x 4
Sensory Deprivation

Conditioning x 5
Deflection x 7

Daring the Dawn x 3
Dawn Operation x 2
Day Operation x 2
Force of Will x 7
Freak Drive x 8
Hidden Strength x 3
The Kiss of Ra
Skin of Steel x 4

Call of the Hungry Dead x 4
Possession x 6

Lots of cards are questionable in this and i'ld be more-than-usually grateful 
for feedback, given that i've never actually WON a game with a GNSP deck [only 
played it twice, to be honest, and NEVER played the above version, though 
something closely-similar did a BIT of its stuff last Wednesday in the 
Northcote Hotel, before being stomped by John Keech's Stanislava deck].