Malkavian OOT Prince-protean combat deck 5th Edition

The basic idea is to use Madness Network actions to rush OOT and strike for
agg damage, so that you can whack a rotschreck on to Kibosh SCE and damage
prevention decks. Some judgement is required in playing the Rotshrecks since
you have to play them simultaneously with the strikes, and you only get one
Rotshreck per time round the table. Then you use weenies to diablerise [or
you block and diablerise].It works BRILLIANTLY. At the last Portsmouth tournament 
there were two decks like this, and mine got 5 and Rob Treasure's got 12 in 
the heats. Then wecontested each other to death in the final. It's doubtful 
whether Rob willever speak to me again as a result, but i honestly had no 
choice - my then version of the deck ABSOLUTELY relied on Greger Anderssen.
Apart from reducing its reliance on the toothsome Prince of Stockholm, i also
adoapted the deck in view of the fact that William Lee's !Nos "Cailean says
the range is LONG" deck beat me up quite badly in two of the heats there [A
Lasombra Shadow step deck would do the same thing, of course]; so i decided
to put in a bit of LR agg dam. Here roughly is the deck as it currently

3 x Greger Anderssen
2 x Whatsisponsyface, Prince of Monaco
2 x Zebulon

4 x Madness Network
7 x Rotshreck
2 x Tribute to the Master
4 x Protean
2 x Fame
The Rack
12 x Bum's Rush
4 x Progeny
4 x Swallowed by the Night
2 x Rapid Change
9 x Second Tradition: Domain
4 x Precognition
2 x Eagles' Sight
2 x Homunculus
Ivory Bow
White Phosphorous grenade
13 x Claws of the Dead
3 x Flesh of marble
6 x Form of the Ghost
2 x Body of Sun

As you see, a VERY focussed combat deck whose [almost incidental] Plan B is
swarm bleed. Rob's deck is similar but not quite so focussed on combat. We
more- or-less evolved the concept independently, i believe, though of course
one talks about decks during tournaments and passes ideas around.