Gangrel Antitribu Allies deck

I've been meaning for a long time to create a Gangrel antitribu deck, 
and this at last is it. It is based on bringing out small minions and  
then doing lots of different things ... in the hope that one of them 
is going to work well enough to win you the game. The key ideas are:
Embrace gives you little vamps with presence. You use these to call 
votes to pay for your allies and damage your enemies. Black Spiral Buddies 
use Bum's Rushes and Intercept from the permanents to put enemy vamps 
in torpor and to keep them there. Fame can make this hurt.

Crypt [12 vampires]
3 x Sadie 2 pro
3 x Leon 3 ani for
3 x Shane Grimald 4 ani pot dom
3 x Caitlin 5 aus dom ANI PRO Bishop

Masters [18]
2 x KRCG News Radio
2 x London Evening Star
4 x Rotshreck
6 x Presence
2 x Memories of Mortality
2 x Fame

Equipment [7]
3 x Sports Bike
2 x Leather Jacket
2 x Laptop Computer

Allies [7]
5 x Black Spiral Buddy
2 x Shadow Court Satyr

Actions [13]
4 x The Embrace
7 x Bum's Rush
2 x Legal Manipulations

Votes [13]
4 x Consanguineous Boon
Praxis Solomon
Autarkis Persecution
Crusade Miami
Crusade Mexico City
5 x KRC

Action Modifers [19]
3 x Awe
4 x Bewitching Oration
4 x Earth Control
4 x Rapid Change
4 x Bribes

Combat [13]
6 x Presence
5 x Aid from Bats
2 x Bone Spur

This isn't playtested BTW, so it may be complete crap.
Alright, that's it until march when i'll try to be on time.