Scout-And-Rush Deck Idea

This is an idea which sprang out of our home play group where 
on successive nights Michael played with our !Nossie Happy Families 
deck and lost, and I played with it and won. The difference was that 
I made good use of Dirty Little Secrets to find out what was in my 
prey's deck so that I could time my rushes and judge when to go for 
killer combat, whereas he didn't. I then got thinking about 
implementing this for the !Nossies as a dedicated deck, got 
sidetracked into doing it for !Gangrels and finally came up 
with this. Deck first, comments later.
Ian Forrestal
Dan murdock
Dancin' Dana
17 masters
3 Minion Tap
2 Blood Doll
Dreams of the Sphinx
Festivo dell' Estinto
Hungry Coyote
Succubus Club
The Rumour Mill
3 Haven Uncovered
2 Guardian Angel
Giant's Blood
73 minion
18 Disciplineless
5 Bum's rush
6 Forced Awakening
Ivory bow
4 White Phosphorous Grenade
2 Flamethrower
18 Auspex
5 Pulse of the canaille
2 Revelations
3 Telepathic misdirection
5 Fast reaction
3 Enhanced Senses
18 Obfuscate
9 Disguised Weapon
3 Swallowed by the Night
6 Hidden Lurker
14 Celerity
7 Flash
7 Blur
5 Dominate
5 Govern the unaligned
What this deck is meant to do is to scout and rush - using 
INFERIOR pulse and revelations to check out the ground before 
ambush. Use the Succubus club to blackmail people or to propose 
deals - i take out that guy/gal's vamp, you give me x pool. 
i think it would work, though would be VERY difficult to play.