Goodnidght Sweet Prince deck

Here's my most up-to-date version. It has three weaknesses 
[1] being new and frightening, everyone gangs up on it 
[2] Pentex subversion [boo!] and 
[3] So many card slots are used up on the combo that there's 
rather little space for actual stuff to DO with those dam' 
cheap big vamps. Mind you, this version is pre-Happy Families. 
Still needs a bit of work, in short. Xian is right to say 
[a] that it was our idea, and 
[b] that someone in the states made a better version, but like 
him i can't remember who did it. Maybe Robert Grau.

CRYPT [12 vamps]
Regina giovanni
Enzo giovanni
Rafaele Giovanni
Carlotta Giovanni
Rudolpho Giovanni
Francois Villon
Queen Anne
5 Blur
13 Clan Impersonation
3 Cloak the Gathering
2 The Death of my Conscience
4 Deflection
2 Disputed Territory
Dreams of the Sphinx
Fortune Teller Shop
Golconda - Inner Peace
6 Goodnight, Sweet Prince
Guiseppe, Gravedigger
2 Information Highway
10 Kine Resources Contested
Leonardo, Mortician
8 Majesty
Park Hunting Ground
7 Possession
2 Protect Thine Own
Ravnos Acceptance
6 Redeem the Lost Soul
Rom Gypsy
3 Spectral Divination
3 Thrown Gate
2 Thrown Sewer Lid
4 Wake with Evening's Freshness