DECK: Brit-Turbo, or, Tribute to the Rehlow
CREATED BY: Legbiter, but firmly based on the original idea of Matt
Rehlow. This version got second place in the May Ramstein tournament,
Germany. A closely-similar version recently won a tournament in Sweden;
sadly i have forgottten the player's name [Erik, maybe?] and i'm not
sure whether he cloned it directly from Matt or from me.
CONCEPT: The Baron, on one blood, acquires the soul gem, then bleeds
with inferior Force of Will [and burns]. The next vampire in the crypt
is [a] younger, and [b] has superior necromancy, so it comes into play
on full blood, and possesses the Baron back into play. This fresh baron
is not bound by NRA, so it can do exactly the same thing again. Easily
capable of running through 15 pool in a single turn; mutates from a
trick deck into a swarm in the process [don't neglect to use the
specials on the other vampires you bring out, they can be crucial to
victory]. Hard but fun to play, its banes are contesting, static
intercept intelligently deployed, and rush-combat. i would rate this
right up there with ToGP as a novel and heart-breakingly competitive
deck, and i would also point out that it is REALLY cheap to build, VERY
few rares [only the Soul Gems are essential, and really you only need one].
POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS: This deck really needs to go up to 90 cards,
keeping the overall proportions, which also means its crypt has to be
increased. How this might be done is indicated below.

CRYPT [12 vampires] [raise to 14; add Isabel Giovanni and Rudolpho Giovanni]
Andrea Giovanni
Gillespi Giovanni
Rafaele Giovanni
Kanimana Belghazi
Agaitas, the Scholar of Antiquities
Le Dinh Tho
Carlotta Giovanni
Anisa Marianna Lopez
The Baron
Gisela Harden, the Winnower

LIBRARY [71 cards] [raise to 90]

MASTERS [26] [raise to 32]
The Barrens
Coroner's Contact x 6 [raise to 8]
Dreams of the Sphinx x 2
Elder Library
Fragment of the Book of Nod
Minion Tap x 7 [raise to 9]
The Parthenon
Storage Annex
Vast Wealth x 5 [raise to 7]
Visit from the Capuchin

ACTIONS/EQUIPMENT [24] [raise to 30]
Force of Will x 10 [raise to 13]
Possession x 10 [raise to 13]
Psychic Veil x 2
Soul Gem of Etrius x 2

ACTION MODIFIERS [21] [raise to 28]
Call of the Hungry Dead x 6 [8]
Cloak the Gathering x 2 [3]
Daring the Dawn x 3 [4]
Faceless Night x 2 [3]
Lost in Crowds x 2 [3]
Seduction x 3 [probably should replace these by more Daring the Dawn or
Faceless Night, or other stealth cards]
Spectral Divination x 3 [4]