One-third of the Beast

This is a version of a soul-gem combo deck which was invented by Rehlow
and played with some success by him at the recent tournament in Butler.
i built this deck the moment i read it and have been tinkering about
with it ever since so's to make it a storyline-legal Giovanni deck. In
so doing i discovered structural features of the deck which make it
uncompetitive in the UK environment, and so i have adjusted it quite
significantly, finally managing to win a game with it on Sunday night
[3rd February]. In this form i think you could win a few games with it
but you need to be clear that it's a trick-deck and although it works
beautifully when it does work, it can grind to an embarassing halt every
so often. Definitely one to keep around for laughs, though, and i shall
probably play it in a storyline tournament some time this month.

DECK NAME: One-third of the Beast [222 = 666/3; played in a friendly on
02/02/02, and 20 masters/20 actions/20 action modifiers]
CONCEPT: Rehlow's The Combo made legal for Storyline tourneys, and
tweaked so as to at least approach competitiveness in the UK metagame.
Basically, the Baron brings out your entire crypt in one turn.
CREATED BY: The basic idea is ENTIRELY Rehlow's, and good work by him.
All i [Legbiter] have done is tweak it.

CRYPT [16 vampire cards, 75% giovanni]
Le Dinh Tho
6 x Pochtli
Andrea Giovanni
Rafaele Giovanni
Gillespi Giovanni
Kanimana Belghazi
Carlotta Giovanni
The Baron
Rudolpho Giovanni
Isabel Giovanni

LIBRARY [60 cards]
6 x Minion Tap
2 x Dreams of the Sphinx
4 x Vast Wealth
6 x Coroner's contact
Elder Library
The Barrens
9 x Possession
2 x Soul Gem of Etrius
9 x Force of Will
2 x Faceless Night
5 x Seduction
3 x Spectral Divination
6 x Call of the Hungry Dead
2 x Cloak the gathering
2 x Lost in Crowds

PLAYING NOTES: Aim is to get The Baron out as quickly as possible, you
have to remain ABSOLUTELY focussed on that. Once he is out, minion tap
him down to one, and equip with the soul gem. Force of Will at inferior
- The Baron burns, triggering the Soul Gem. The new vampire possesses
the baron out of the ash-heap using superior necromancy. The Baron taps
to take the soul gem, and bleeds with Force of will as before. If you
have Pochtli out and the new vampire is another Pochtli he burns and you
get the NEXT vampire. If you have Kanimana or Le Dinh Tho out and you
get the other Nagaraja you don't have to pay another three - the Scarce
rule only refers to situations where you move the vampire from your
uncontrolled to your active region, not to cases where you move the
vampire from the top of your crypt to your active region.