Windy City Wide-Boys

Deck Name: Windy City Wide-Boys
Created by: Legbiter
Concept: Chicago Blood-Brothers Theme deck, surprisingly effective rush/prevent
deck with Fame and Walk of Caine for the Killer Blow.

CRYPT [12 vampire cards]
 Barry x 3
 Jerry x 3
 Larry x 3
 Tom x 3

LIBRARY [65 cards]

 Blood Doll x 3
 Haven Uncovered x 2
 Information Highway
 Powerbase: Chicago [just in here for the theme, but works pretty well]
 The Rack [try to get this onto Jerry, ie the guy who can pass his blood around]


 Bum's rush x 7
 Forced Awakening x 3
 Pulled fangs
 Taste of Vitae x 2
 Wake with Evening's freshness x 4

 Freak Drive x 2
 Indominability x 2
 Rolling with the Punches
 Skin of Rock
 Skin of Steel x 2
 Superior Mettle x 2
 Unflinching Persistence x 2

 Immortal Grapple x 3
 Increased Strength x 2
 Mighty Grapple x 2
 Thrown Sewer Lid x 2
 Torn Signpost
 Undead Strength x 2

 Brother's blood
 Coagulated entity
 Coordinate Attacks x 2
 Octopod x 5
 Unwholesome Bond
 Walk of Caine x 2

i played this deck in our second game at Rob's house last week and got squashed
[Rob and Michael tied 2 each, with Rob last man standing], but i tried it again
last night in our pub game and got 3/4 VP. Most unfortunately, indeed quite
literally tragically, Rob had to leave before play started, having learned of
the sudden death of a close friend. So it was a sober four-player in which i
went second. My predator was John Keech playing Tremere intercept-combat [i
know, i know. i did try to tell him], and i preyed on John Eagles playing
Lasombra toolbox, who was preying on Mark Baxter playing Toreador/!Toreador
bleed-and-vote. John Keech could have given me problems with his go-to-range
and toast stuff, but luckily for me he was quickly out to Mark's big bleeds and
even more luckily Mark had to use up quite a lot of his combat-avoidance cards
in the process. Meanwhile i was remorselessly kicking John Eagles in,
eventually managing the Fame-rush combo plus a Walk of Caine. Judicious use of
Larry's special backed up by rushes got Mark down to his Alexandra's, so he
rescued one vampire in torpor, and i pounced with another Walk of Caine. All
over in an hour, BRUTALLY efficient. This deck BTW is inspired by Rob's
Torrance circle BB deck with which he SQUASHED John Keech and i before