Lucita deck that doesn't need Lucita

Here is my first attempt which actually swept a 4-player last night 
without even activating Lucita - Jimmy, Nakova, Richter and Natasha 
was my uncontrolled. Truthfully i was a bit lucky - pool gain from
supporting other people's bribed votes kept me in the game. Card 
cycling was fine, i actually was decked at the end. Obvious weaknesses 
are lack of pool gain and poor intercept. Probably the Burning Wraths 
should be something else [Undead Strength or Pushing the Limit]; Far 
Mastery, Depravity and Legendary vampire are also likely to be on a free 
transfer back to the folder.

CRYPT [12 vampires]
2 Jimmy Dunn
2 Nakova, Advocate of Golconda
2 Richter, Templar of Du Mont
4 Lucita
Natasha Volfchek
Helena Casimir
LIBRARY [90 cards]

4 Blood Doll
Dreams of the Sphinx
4 Haven Uncovered
KRCG News Radio
Legendary vampire
2 Minion Tap
Political Hunting Ground
The Rack
The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper

3 Bum's Rush
2 Forced Awakening
4 Taste of Vitae
6 Wake with Evening's Freshness

2 Burning Wrath
The Death of my Conscience
8 Immortal Grapple
2 Torn Signpost
3 Undead Strength

2 Dawn Operation
4 Freak Drive
5 Hidden Strength
Skin of Night
3 Superior Mettle

5 Blur
6 Flash
2 Pursuit

4 Deflection
Far Mastery
2 Graverobbing
Kine Dominance

2 Aire of Elation
3 Legal Manipulations