The Were-theres of Young Sorrow

DECK NAME: The Were-theres of Young Sorrow
CREATED BY: Legbiter, from an original idea of Chris Boget [Sorrow]
CONCEPT: Updated version of an old favourite, taking account of some
rules changes, correcting some weaknesses and making use of Revelation
of Desire. i corrupt your vampires. If they are small i take them over.
If they are big i subsequently burn the corruption counters for massive
unbounceable bleed if you fail to block, and if you do block i use
Venenation/Change of target to pile up the corruption counters until you
get taken over anyway.

CRYPT [12 vampire cards, group 2/3]
2 x Lalitha ser 2
Celine Chevalier obf ser 3
Khalil Anvari pre ser 3
Nepata pre obf ser 4
Count Ormonde dom pre ser OBF 5
Dedefra nec obf SER special 5
Sir Marriot d'Urban aus obf ser PRE 5
Aisha ani aus ser PRE special 6
Ezekiel, Lord of Montreal obf pot PRE SER 6
Hesha Ruhadze ani obf pre SER 6
Samat Ramal-Ra, Archon pre ser tha OBF special 6

LIBRARY [90 cards]

Blood Doll
Information Highway
Khobar Towers, Al-Khubar
Opium Den
The Path of Typhon
Serpentis x 3
Temple HG
Tribute to the Master x 6

Corruption x 13
Enticement x 4
Form of Corruption
Temptation x 2

Change of Target x 17
Revelation of Desire x 13
Venenation x 17

Majesty x 4

Form of the Serpent x 4

Comments: This is the deck that only got played once so far, where it
swept a 3-player. Maybe a couple too many Revelations of Desire, but is
a really good deck.