Gangrel Antitribu Combat/Concept Deck


Last month I gaily promised to design a gangrel-anti combat 
deck based on the principles outlined in the last newsletter, 
and for the last two weeks I have been cursing myself for my 
arrogance. I hadnít, you see, previously done any kind of 
analysis of the !gangrel disciplines, and it was only when 
I did so that I realised how terribly fragmented these are. 
Of all the clans only the Pander are worse in this respect, 
and they of course have the countervailing advantages of 
being cheap, and having Legacy of Pander [one of the best 
cards in the game]. Eventually I came up with the following 
creation, which uses the Todd Banister Infernal Familiar 
trick to create a pot/pro/for kind of a deck and aims to 
do lots of rushes and a bit of grave-robbing. However, I 
am under no illusion that this is a GOOD deck, and nor 
should you be. It is sleepy [no wake- ups], slow [big 
vampires] and feeble [no votes or decent bleeds]. I present 
it nevertheless as a Terrible Warning to newsletter editors 
not to write articles on the hoof. Next time I will have the 
deck built before I make rash promises about it. Well, maybe 
the time after next. Novemberís NL project is going to be 
how to design a decent !Gangrel deck without initially 
limiting it to being mainly combat, and this will almost 
certainly mean basing it around the Gangrel anti-girlies 
who have decent specials and/or are Caitlin.
3 x Leon 3 for ani
2 x Samantha 10 ani tha PRO OBF CEL Bishop
2 x Shane Grimald 4 pot dom ani
2 x Zachary 7 for pre PRO OBF CEL
3 x Pieter 6 tha for PRO OBF
2 x Hand of Conrad
10 x Bumís Rush
5 x Ambush
5 x Torn Signpost
10 x Immortal Grapple
4 x Flesh of Marble
4 x Infernal Familiar
4 x Amaranth
2 x Ritual of the Bitter Rose
6 x Freak Drive
4 x Disarm
6 x Skin of Steel
2 x Skin of Night
4 x Wolf Claws
4 x Grave Robbing
Heidelberg Castle
Pentex Loves You!
Hungry Coyote
2 x Rotshreck
3 x Minion Tap
2 x Blood Doll
Festivo Dellí Estinto
Giantís Blood
Twisted Forest
2 x Gangrel Conspiracy