Happy Families Ventrue

Happy Camarilla-Edition Families Ventrue Deck.

i bought three boxes of boosters and two of starters, and when i had
finished sorting them i was 9 cards short of the full set. i kept one of
the boxes of starters intact for casual play, and with all the cards i
had left [except for most of the extra rares i had - i'm keeping an
extra one each of those in the folder until i have traded up to the full
set] i built Happy Family decks for the 6 surviving Camarilla clans.
These decks are therefore ALL group 3 vampires, since the group twos are
all in the starters and they all went into the collection. Last night we
played a 4-way game in the pub and we each chose one of these CE Happy
Family decks. i had the Tremere, Matt had the Nosferatu, John had the
Ventrue and Mark had the Malkavians. John won with 3 VP and Mark got the
other 1. Here is the Ventrue deck which i built and with which John won.

CRYPT [13 vampires]
Lana Butcher
Gracis Nostinus
Elena Gutierrez 
Catherine du Bois
Lucinde Alastor
Ilyana Ravidovich
Marcus Vitel
Diana Vick
Katarine Kornfeld
Edward Vignes
Horatio Ballard
Alan Sovereign

LIBRARY [75 cards]

Blood Doll
Effective management
Elysium: The Arboretum
KRCG News Radio
Minion Tap x 2
Powerbase: Washington, DC
Short-term Investment
Uptown Hunting Ground
Ventrue Headquarters

Conservative Agitation
Elder Kindred Network
Fifth tradition: Hospitality x 2
Fourth Tradition: The Accounting
Kine Resources Contested x 2
Kindred Restructure
Parity Shift
Second Tradition: Domain x 3
Third Tradition: Progeny
Wake with Evening's Freshness x 2

Aura Reading
Enhanced Senses
Spirit's touch
Telepathic Counter
Telepathic Vote Counting

Bonding x 4
Deflection x 4
Govern the Unaligned x 4
Seduction x 2

Dawn Operation x 2
Freak Drive x 3
Rolling with the Punches
Skin of Rock
Skin of Steel x 3
Unflinching Persistence

Bewitching Oration x 2
Charming Lobby
Dread Gaze
Majesty x 5
Voter Captivation x 3

These decks played really well, even the Tremere - i made a gross error
in not realising that Thingy Valois the Watcher only has inferior
thaumaturgy, which basically destroyed my otherwise-sound position. We
found that there were SUBTLE differences in the way these new Camarilla
clan-based decks work compared with the old ones, but these added spice
to the game rather than constituting a radical change. We all felt the
change to Majesty and Second Tradition restored balance without nuking
the clans who make heavy use of them. So overall very well done, Scott,
great set and a tonic to the game.