Monique deck

MONIQUE DECK This is an attempt to make a deck based around Monique, the
Gangrel anti girly who sits at home stuffing her face with vampire chocolate
while her lovely sister Caitlin gets all the dates.  But tonight Uncle
Legbiter, fetchingly attired in a tutu and wand, presents a deck based on her
one good point - she is the only 5-cap vampire with the blocking disciplines
of aus and ani at inferior. This means that, through atonement and pumping,
she can become the blocking demon of doom. Thanks to Jasper and Fred, who
provided useful criticism of a draft Monique deck which i posted on the NG.

4 x Monique 5
Aaron Duggan, Cameron's Toady 2
Cameron 3
Ignacio the Black Priest 4
Ramiro 4
Vliam Andor 3
Leon 3
Gillian Krader 2
Wendy Wade 3

18 masters: 
Power Structure 
Guardian Angel 
Heidelberg Castle x 3
Obtenebration x 2 
Ascendance x 4 
Pentex Loves You! 
The Hungry Coyote 
The Barrens 
Fragment of the Book of Nod 
Dreams of the Sphinx 
Milicent Smith
Pentex Subversion [this is here so that you can contest it, 
                  if need be.Nothing more annoying than to get 
                  your vamp o'doom Pentex'd]. 

[i thought about an obtenebration card so that she could get 
Eyes of the Night, but decided against].

72 Library
Atonement x 5
Camarilla Vitae Slave x 4
Eagles' Sight x 4 [Jasper suggests more, and he may be right. 
                  However, this is the number i use in my Malky 
                  OOT combat deck, and there it is about right].
Melange x 4
Spirit's Touch x 4
Precognition x 4
Cat's Guidance x 6
Raptor x 6
Raven Spy x 2
Carrion Crows x 6
Aid From Bats x 10
Drawing out the Beast x 4
Skin of Rock x 2
Skin of Steel x 2
Shadow Play x 3
Forced Awakening x 4

Well, i dunno whether this would work or not .. it looks ok on paper. 
I'vespecified cards i actually have rather than ones i would wish for 
[eg terrorfrenzy] so i really don't have an excuse not to build this 
deck and try itout. Sigh. Except, well, i just don't FANCY her, know 
what i mean? (ring,ring .... ring, ring ... click) Pyknite ol' chap, 
is that you? Well have Igot a ho-, erm, a tasty date for you!!!!!!