Malkavian Out of Turn Combat Deck

Anyway i've been thinking about the Malky combat deck and talking about it
with Rob Treasure and i think there is a better and simpler version, based on
protean aggravated damage.

4 Greger Anderssen
Roland Bishop
Didi Meyers

Masters [18]:
5 Madness Network
6 Rotshreck
2 Direct Intervention
5 Protean

Actions [18]:
11 x Bum's Rush
4 x 3rd tradition: Progeny
3 x GtU [either that or Sacrificial Lamb or Graverobbing]

Combat [40]:
12 x Flesh of Marble
12 x Claws of the Dead
6 x Form of the Ghost
5 x Amaranth
5 x Ritual of the Bitter Rose

Votes [10]:
Anathema x 3
Malkavian Justicar x 2
Consanguineous Boon x 3
Archon x 2

Reactions [4]:
2nd Tradition: Domain x 4

Maybe there ought to be a space for Ivory Bow in here, just one of them.
Possibly replacing one of the Archons. And if i build this deck in real space
i will have to replace most of the Flesh of Marbles with Leather jackets and
blood Tears cos i only have 4.I'm not sure about the Amaranth/Ritual combo 
though, and that's the reason for this post. Can i use Amaranth to diablerise 
a vampire that is going to torpor due to Rotschreck? We [James Coupe, 
William Lee and I] talked about this on the IoW and were really unsure, 
though our feeling was probably not -once strike combat ends has occurred, 
you can't do anything else [so if we're right Catatonic fear at superior on 
a vamp with no blood could not be followed by Amaranth, for example]. 
If not [ruling, LSJ?], the Amaranth cards would go out and be replaced by 
+stealth action modifiers to cover the diablerie - also useful for voting
and equipping so you could use Forgotten Labyrinth.