Temptation of Greater Power

Here is my deck. Rob and I reckon that Temptation of Greater 
Power is quite simply the single most powerful card in the 
game right now. Try this deck out to see why we think that.

CRYPT: [12 vamps]
4 Sheldon, Lord of the Clog
2 Nikolaus Vermuelen
Chester Dubois
2 Selma the Repugnant
Jimmy Dunn

LIBRARY: [90 cards]
19 Masters:
7 Minion Tap
7 Temptation of Greater Power
Direct Intervention
Dreams of the Sphinx
Legendary Vampire
Sudden Reversal

17 Disciplineless cards:
Kindred Restructure
5 Parity Shift
6 Fifth Tradition: Hospitality
5 Second Tradition: domain

15 obfuscate cards:
3 Swallowed by the Night
3 Cloak the Gathering
3 Lost in Crowds
3 Spying Mission
3 Forgotten Labyrinth

14 Potence cards:
2 Disarm
2 Immortal Grapple
4 Undead Strength
Death of my Conscience
5 Thrown Gate

10 Animalism cards
2 Raven Spy
4 Cats' Guidance
4 Guard Dogs

11 Fortitude cards
2 Freak Drive
4 Skin of Steel
5 Hidden Strength

4 Auspex cards
Pulse of the Canaille
3 Telepathic Misdirection