Slippery !gangrels

DECK: Slippery !gangrels
Created by: Legbiter

This is an all-Anarch deck, somewhat thrown-together from cards i had
lying around after [a] the Bath and GenCon tourneys and [b] completing
the Anarch set, rather than designed according to any grand principle.
It works pretty well in fun games, even occasionally winning. As noted
in the editorial, this qualifies as a gangrel-antitribu deck if you take the view that not being a Camarilla Gangrel automatically makes you a gangrel antitribu.

CRYPT [12 vampires, all independent except where noted]
Sarah Raines 2 for
Bothwell 3 ani for
Gustavo Morales 4 ani cel for
Dr Allan Woodstock 5 ani aus for PRO
Ramona 4 for pro Advanced, Camarilla, special
Horrock 6 vis ANI PRO special
Sophia Watson 6 obf pro ANI FOR
Danielle Diron 7 chi for ANI PRO vote, special
Nadima 8 ani aus FOR PRO SER special
Xavier 10 aus cel pot ANI FOR PRO votes Specials x 3

LIBRARY [86 cards]

Blood Doll x 4
Dummy Corporation
Haven Uncovered
Minion Tap x 3
Sudden Reversal x 2


Army of Rats x 2
Bum's Rush x 3
Force of Will x 2
Movement of the Slow Body x 2

Daring the Dawn
Dawn operation
Earth Control x 4

Aid from bats
Carrion Crows
Bone Spur x 4
Claws of the Dead x 5
Drawing Out the Beast
Earth Meld x 4
Fast Hands
Flash x 2
Flesh of Marble x 6
Form of the Ghost x 2
Form of Mist x 4
Sacrament of Carnage
Scorpion Sting
Skin of Night
Skin of Rock x 2
Superior Mettle x 2
Thrown Sewer Lid
Undead Strength x 2
Unflinching Persistence x 3

Laptop Computer x 2

Cat's guidance x 2
Elder Intervention
Guard Dogs x 2
Rat's Warning
Telepathic Counter x 3
WWEF x 4

Raven Spy