Tweaked and Tatuised

Here's my winning deck from the Portsmouth sanctioned tourney, January 13th.

Deck name: Tweaked tatuised Temptation of Greater Sleaze deck.
Concept: Complicated. Began as a thrown-together affair incorporating
all the heart-sinking cards, and evolved through experience in
tournaments, and discussions and play with David Tatu, Jeff Thompson,
Ben Peal and others. The traditional "created by" line doesn't really
apply, therefore.

CRYPT [12 vampires]
 Gilbert Duane x 2
 Greger Anderssen x 2
 Leandro x2
 Lucian x 4
 Mariel, lady Thunder x 2

LIBRARY [70 cards]
 Direct Intervention
 Dreams of the Sphinx
 Giant's blood
 Golconda: Inner Peace
 Legendary Vampire
 Minion Tap x 4
 The Parthenon
 Secure Haven
 Sudden reversal
 Temptation of Greater Power x 3
 Tomb of Rameses III

 Anarchist Uprising
 Ancient Influence
 Dramatic Upheaval
 The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality x 3
 Forced Awakening
 Kine Resources Contested x 4
 Parity Shift x 3
 Political Stranglehold
 The Second Tradition x 2
 Wake with Evening's Freshness x 4

 Telepathic Counter x 2 

 Conditioning x 2
 Deflection x 3
 Govern the Unaligned
 Kine Dominance x 2
 Obedience x 3

 Cloak the Gathering x 3
 Elder Impersonation x 3
 Faceless Night x 4
 Lost in Crowds x 4
 Spying Mission x 2
 Swallowed by the Night x 4