Breast or Thigh, Sir?

i had built two Christmas decks for the purposes of this 
game, the one i transcribe below for me, and a virtual clone 
of Ben Peal's "The O-Line" Gargoyle deck for Sarah. The 
latter deck is very fine IMO, and it really is true as Ben 
says that a non-Ben player can field it and still do well. 
In the event, however, Sarah opted to stick with her 
relatively-bleedy Tzimisces, Michael played his Kiasyds, 
Shevaun went with a big Nosferatu bloat-vote deck, and i 
played the Other Christmas deck i built. And after a 
protracted struggle i won, though not by a sweep: Sarah got 
Shevaun, and i got the other three VP. Here's my deck, a 
marginally-accelerated Euro-Brujah affair which includes 
some of the less-fashionable Brujah in addition to the Usual 

DECK NAME: "Breast or Thigh, Sir?"
CREATED BY: Legbiter
CONCEPT: Brujah-with-dominate ["EuroBrujah"] Happy Families 
deck [ie built by mathematically-regulating the proportions 
of cards of different disciplines according to the crypt one 
has chosen, it's all explained under Happy Families at], constructed on the base of the CE 
Brujah starter which my mother gave me for Christmas, 
augmented with cards that were lying around waiting to be 
filed. Heavy dominate-bleed, deflect, ranged combat with 
multi-strikes. Probably needs to lose the blurs for more 
Pursuit, needs to lose a few masters for Tastes of Vitae or 
something, but actually is quite functional as it stands.

CRYPT [12 cards]
Anvil x 2
Constanza Vinti x 2
Don Cruez, the Idealist x 2
Donal O'Connor x 2
Theo Bell x 2
Tura Vaughn x 2

LIBRARY [90 cards]

MASTERS [18 cards]
Blood Doll
Haven Uncovered
KRCG News radio
Legendary Vampire
Minion Tap x 6
Warzone HG
Zillah's Valley x 3

MINION [72 cards]

ACTIONS [10 cards]
Blood Hunt
Bum's Rush x 3
Govern the Unaligned x 5

POLITICS [3 cards]
Kindred Restructure x 2

Command of the Beast
Foreshadowing Destruction x 2

COMBAT [41 cards]
Blur x 4
Flash x 9
Lightning Reflexes
Pursuit x 4
Taste of Vitae x 2
Thoughts Betrayed x 4
Thrown Gate x 8
Thrown Sewer Lid x 9

EQUIPMENT [3 cards]
.44 Magnum
Flak Jacket
Leather Jacket

REACTIONS [11 cards]
Deflection x 2
Redirection x 3
Second Tradition x 2
WWEF x 4