atomweaver's 2 starter challenge response

First Offering: African Insanctus
Ingredients: 2 x Ishtarri Starters

CONCEPT: Your Prey is on Your Left. White Vampires may not be able to
dance, but yours can - so they will either sneak through or survive
combat. Presence stealth-bleed deck with a few extra tricks.

CRYPT: 13 vampires, group 4, all Laibon [Ishtarri]
Ubende 7 Magaji for obf qui CEL PRE x 2
Ganhuru 7 cel pro FOR PRE x 2
Honorine Ateba cel nec 6 FOR PRE x 2
Shasu Abu Badr 5 cel for PRE x 4
Kenyatta 4 cel for pre x 3

MASTER [16 cards including 2 trifles]
Blood Doll x 3
Celerity x 2
Information Highway
Life in the City x 2
Misdirection x 2
Port HG
Secret Passage [Oo er missus!]
Sudden Reversal x 2

MINION [74 cards]
ACTIONS [13 cards]
Enchant Kindred x 3
Entrancement x 2
Legal manipulations x 3
Propaganda x 2
Social Charm x 3

Alacrity x 6
Change of Target x 4
Daring the Dawn x 2
Forced March x 8
The Kiss of Ra
Uncontrolled Impulse x 7

COMBAT [28 cards]
Catatonic Fear x 3
Hidden Strength x 8
Majesty x 3
Sideslip x 4
Sidestrike x 8
Vampiric Speed x 2

COMBO [1 card]
Ishtarri Kholo

EQUIPMENT [2 cards]
Reliquary: Biague

RETAINERS [2 cards]
Marijava Ghoul x 2