Unlife in the City

Unlife in the City: City Gangrel-antitribu Happy Families deck.

An updated version of the Happy Families deck for the City Gangrel
antitribu. Not all members of the family are in it - Blaise and
Sebastian Goulet simply DEMAND to have decks built around them, or in
the case of Blaise, their disciplines.

Jesus Alcala 2 cel hat
Sadie 2 pro
Max Lowell 3 cel obf
Scarlet Carson O'Toole 4 pro CEL
Wren 4 cel obf pro
Maria Stone 5 cel obf pro FOR
Skryta Zyleta 5 obf pot pro CEL hat Black Hand
Darrell Boyce, Consul 6 CEL OBF PRO tattoos
Harry Reese 6 cel obf FOR PRO
Zachary 7 for pre CEL OBF PRO
Ellen Fence, the Tracker 8 aus CEL OBF PRO Bishop special
Samantha 10 ani tha CEL OBF PRO Bishop 2 specials

LIBRARY [90 cards]
MASTERS [20, 4 are trifles - still probably too many]
Blood Doll x 3
Campground HG
City Gangrel Connections
Creep Show [trifle] x 2
Haven Uncovered
Life in the City [trifle] x 2
Minion Tap
Pentex  Loves You!
The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
Storage Annex [should be Path of the Feral Heart]
Tribute to the Master

Blow Torch
Bum's Rush
Computer Hacking [should be Fiendish Tongue] x 2
Gas-Powered Chainsaw
Laptop Computer
Leather jacket x 2
Meat Cleaver
Pier 13, Port of Baltimore
Saturday Night Special
Sengir Dagger
Sport Bike
WWEF x 2
Zillah's Tears x 3

Blur x 3
Flash x 4
Lightning Reflexes
Pursuit x 2
Preternatural Evasion x 2
Psyche! x 3
Side Strike x 2

Cloak the Gathering x 4
Disguised Weapon x 4
Faceless Night
Forgotten Labyrinth x 2
Hidden Lurker x 2
Lost in Crowds
Spying Mission
Swallowed by the Night

Bone Spur x 2
Claws of the Dead x 2
Earth Control x 2
Earth Meld
Form of Mist x 2
Rapid Change
Shadow of the Beast
Wolf Claws x 4