Anklebiter Goes Tactical

DECK IDEA: Anklebiter Goes Tactical [Pot/Dom bleed n bash].
i actually have TWO decks to talk about this month but one of 
them, kindly donated by Derek Ray, is in my email at work where 
i can't access it thanks to a broken cable. So that will have to 
wait till next month. Here is the one i currently have to hand.
Michael aka Anklebiter has had a fairly dismal summer Jyhad-wise; 
4 tourneys, no VP. It is clearly time for him to do something a 
bit different and so here is the latest deck i have built for him. 
Its excuse for being in this neswletter is that it contains Shane 
Grimald, who always seems to me the most enigmatic of the !Gangrel. 
Odd, too that his disciplines are exactly the same as those of 
Judah - most enigmatic [IMO] of my Other Favourite Clan the Nosferatu.
CRYPT [12 vampires]
Cameron 3 pot dom
Ignacio, the Black Priest 4 pot dom obt
Shane Grimald 4 pot dom ani
Francesca Giovanni 4 pot dom nec
Vittorio Giovanni 5 pot dom for nec
Sabine Lafitte 5 pot dom aus tha
Aurora Van Brande, Paladin 6 pot dom for obt
Lisette Vizquel 6 POT DOM pro
Anvil 6 POT dom tha pre CEL
Gratiano 8 pot DOM OBT obf
Lucita 8 pot DOM FOR OBT cel
Emerson Bridges 8 pot DOM FOR PRE
LIBRARY [82 cards]
Masters [16]
2 Minion Tap
The Rumour Mill
Sudden Reversal
Direct Intervention
The Barrens
Elder Library
3 Blood Doll
Dreams of the Sphinx
Legendary Vampire
Potence [18]
6 Torn Signpost
6 Immortal Grapple
4 Undead Strength
Mighty Grapple
Thrown Sewer Lid
Obtenebration [6]
2 Eyes of the Night
2 Shadow Play
Shadow Step
Fortitude [6]
3 Hidden Strength
Superior Mettle
Skin of Steel
Daring the Dawn
Dominate [18]
Foreshadowing Destruction
Far Mastery
The Sleeping Mind
4 Deflection
4 Conditioning
4 Govern the Unaligned
Dominate Kine
Disciplineless [18]
2 Delaying Tactics
3 Bum's Rush
5 Taste of Vitae
Leather Jacket
Pulled Fangs
This deck swept its first 3-player encounter, i wouldn't say with 
ease, but against two fairly competitive decks run by me [Nosferatu 
Kagemusha] and Lady Legbiter [Oxford University Press]. i then played 
it at our weekly pub game where it tied for first-place with Mark's
obfuscate/presence vote/bleed deck in a timed-out 7-player game. 
Far Mastery should probably be Grave Robbing, but otherwise the deck 
looks ok.