i'm sorry, did i break your concentration?

Eye of Hazimel Storyline Tournament 
Tournament Winning Deck
November 10, 2002
Portsmouth, UK
13 players

Here is My Deck. In my hands this deck has never lost a game. In fact
the  only time it has ever lost a game is when Barney Baker
borrowed it for the London Minicon, and the only reason it lost then
was because Barney needed to sweep/got greedy [take your pick]. Both
Barney and Rob have helped me to tweak it so thank-you, Gentlemen!

Deck name:  "i'm sorry, did i break your concentration?" 
Created by:  Legbiter
Description: Brit uber-sleaze takeover/bloat deck, based on new
wording of Derange, multiple master phases, Heidelberg and Malkavian
Dementia. A similar deck has been posted to the NG, but this is not a
clone or derivative of that, just another case of Great minds thinking

CRYPT [12 cards]
3 x Leandro
2 x Gilbert Duane
3 x Lucian
Mariel, Lady Thunder
Anatole, Prophet of Gehenna
2 x Greger Anderssen

LIBRARY [90 cards]
8 x Malkavian Dementia
2 x Heidelberg Castle, Germany
2 x The Parthenon
9 x Minion Tap
Legendary Vampire
4 x Zillah's Valley
Secure Haven
Temptation of Greater Power

9 x Derange
3 x Govern the Unaligned

Rumours of Gehenna
Dramatic Upheaval
Protect Thine Own
Kindred Restructure

Muddled Vampire Hunter

2 x Swallowed by the Night
4 x Conditioning
3 x Faceless Night
Forgotten Labyrinth
3 x Lost in Crowds
2 x Spying Mission
2 x Elder Impersonation

8 x Forced Awakening
8 x Obedience
Enhanced Senses
3 x Telepathic Misdirection
2 x My Enemy's Enemy
2 x Deflection
2 x Redirection
Eagles' Sight