Events, dear boy, Events.

DECK NAME: Events, dear boy, Events.
CREATED BY: Legbiter
CONCEPT: Abuse Gehenna events so as [a] to overload opponents' brains
with information, and [b] erode their decks so that their vampires
become as feeble as allies [around which YOUR deck is built]. Have
allies use concealed Flash grenades on blockers to tap them next turn.
Use Servitor of Irad and Storage Annex to make up for lack of ability to
discard in normal phase. BTW for non-brits the title is a quote by
Harold MacMillan, a former Tory prime minister  - asked what could
possibly go wrong, he replied as above.

CRYPT [12 vampire cards, groups 3/4]
4 x Afifa the Herald 1 [Would LOVE to know the story behind the artwork
                         on this one]
Almiro Suarez 2
2 x Diana Vick 3
Martin Frankel 3 [should be another Almiro or Masika]
Masika St John 3
3 x Saiz 3

LIBRARY: [74 cards, 29 from Gehenna set]

MASTERS [13 cards]
Blood Doll
Dummy Corporation
Fortschritt library
Jake Washington, Hunter
Momentum's Edge
Powerbase: Mexico City [see events for why]
Servitor of Irad
Storage Annex x 5
Tribute to the Master

MINION: [59 cards]

Computer Hacking x 11 [including more wisdom of Sinner-G, City gangrel hacker].

Akhenaten the Sun Pharoh, mummy
Mylan Horseed [Goblin]
Nephandus [Mage] x 2
Order of Hermes Cabal
Outcast Mage x 3
Political Ally
Succubus x 2
Thadius Zho, Mage

Concealed Weapon x 12

Flash Grenade x 12
Tapestry of Blood

Absimiliard's Army
Anthelios, the Red Star
Blood Trade
Blood Weakens
Fall of the Sabbat [GREAT combo with Powerbase Mexico City]
The New Inquisition
Recalled to the Founder
The Slow Withering
Torpid Blood
The Unmasking
Veil of Darkness

Tasha Morgan

COMMENTS: Played two 4-players, swept both. Depressing to play against
but quite challenging to play with, you have to keep your wits about you
and not forget things. Space and opportunity for a dominate module,
should that seem desirable - but don't dilute the concealed flash