Ravnos Happy Families deck

One of the biggest surprises of the Happy Family format is that the 
Ravnos deck is quite good! It has won 6 out of a possible 10 VPs in 
three games in the hands of either me or garry. There's maybe the 
basis here for something quite competitive, and of course apart from 
Lazar you're not likely to be contesting anything with anyone!
CRYPT [13 vamps]
Tereza Rostas 8
Natalia 7
Andrei Puxon 5
Sarisha Veliku 6
Darius Styx 9
Joaquina Amaya 6
Sasha Miklos 2
Petru Sipos 7
Tsigane 3
Lazar Dobrescu 3
Salbatore Bokkengro 4
Vaclav Petalengro 6
Konstantin, Baro of the Caravan 9
LIBRARY [71 cards]
Laptop Computer
WWEF x 3
Rom Gypsy
Fortune Teller
The Crimson Sentinel
Flame Thrower
Leather jacket
Owl Companion
.44 magnum x 2
Ghoul Retainer
Pack Tactics
Deer Rifle
CHIMERSTRY [14 cards + Master skill card]
Chimerstry Skill card
Sensory Deprivation x 2
Horrid Reality x 3
Ignis Fatuus x 2
Illusions of the Kindred
Mass Reality x 2
Veiled Sight x 2
Fata Morgana x 2
FORTITUDE [13 cards + master skill card]
Fortitude skill card
Rolling with the Punches x 4
Indominability x 2
Unflinching Persistence x 4
Kiss of Ra
Superior Mettle
ANIMALISM [10 cards + master skill card]
Animalism Skill Card
Army of Rats
Murder of Crows
Guard Dogs x 2
Raven Spy
Tier of Souls
Cat's Guidance x 3
Shepherd's innocence
DOMINATE [4 cards + master skill card]
Dominate Skill card
Govern the Unaligned
Deflection x 3
OTHER MASTERS [10, 14 counting skill cards]
Park HG
Ravnos Carnival
Fortune Teller Shop
Minion Tap
Vast Wealth x 2
Ravnos Cache
Blood Doll x 2
Heidelberg Castle, Germany
Last night i used this deck to beat Michael's Tzimisces in a duel, 
and it was a thought-provoking game, because it became clear to me 
for the first time that there are real possibilities in a Ravnos / 
Tzimisce or Tzimisce- with-chi concept.