Country Gangrel Antitribu Happy Families Deck

Itís now three years since I started writing these newsletters and at
long last I am getting round to writing about the Gangrel antis as a
clan. Actually there are two quite separate Gangrel anti factions - the
City Gangrel [cel/obf/pro, hate werewolves and in fact just about
everybody] and the Country Gangrel [ani/for/pro, live like nocturnal
plains indians, hate werewolves [therefore like the Black Spiral Dancers]
and quite like the camarilla gangrel too].

With that information itís pretty easy to see how the available Gangrel
antis divvy up, and to illustrate this Iíve devised the following two
Happy sub-Families decks, each with a nice little combo ... DotB/Dawn Op/
Form of Mist or earth Meld for the Country deck, and Earth Meld/Psyche
for the City deck.

Country gangrel-antitribu Happy Families Deck. [12 vampires, 70 library cards]

2 Shane Grimald
2 Leon
2 Monique
2 Caitlin
2 Luther
2 Genevieve
[average 5.33, opening uncontrolled 12-34 blood capacity]

14 masters:
Giantís Blood
Twisted forest
Gangrel Conspiracy
2 Blood Doll
2 Minion Tap
Campground HG
KRCG News Radio

13 Disciplineless cards:
Black Spiral Buddy
2 Leather jacket
Sports Bike
Bastard Sword
JS Simmons
Tasha Morgan
Bumís Ruch

13 Animalism
4 Drawing out the Beast
Tier of Souls
4 Guard Dogs
Army of rats
Shepherdís innocence
2 Aid from Bats

9 Fortitude
3 Skin of Steel
4 Dawn Op
2 Skin of Rock

9 Protean
4 Earth meld
5 Form of Mist

6 Auspex
Pulse of the Canaille
3 Aura Reading
2 Telepathic Misdirection

6 Dominate
2 Govern the Unaligned
2 Grave Rob
2 Deflection