Princes of Carthage Clone

Legbiter's winning deck. 
Basically this is a clone of the "Princes of Carthage" deck that got 
R David Zopf to the DragonCon finals. David's modest claim that this was 
"just thrown together" is somewhat undermined by the fact that the deck 
can still do well in the hands of a different player on the other side 
of the pond! However, I admit I have tweaked the deck a little [more KRCs, 
kept the Kine Dominances, didn't increase the Carthages, changeda few of 
the masters]. In play it flows beautifully. The only change i might make 
to it now is maybe to put in a few alacritys - perhaps replacing the 
Sengir dagger, one of the closed sessions and one of the Bewitching Orations.
This is because the only time the deck struggled was when Garry, with a 
decent amount of intercept, good combat and a few votes of his own, was my 
predator. Interestingly, this deck didn't do THAT well when we playtested 
it in my group last monday - i got 2VPs but also got kippered by Drummer John's
fast presence-bleed deck. Admittedly that was in part because i made a
FOOLISH error, but still .... guess the playgroup ain't the same thing as 
the tournament, eh?

Crypt [12 vampires]
Brachah 5
Ranjan Rishi 5
Mariana Gilbert 4
Constanza Vinti 8
Sir Walter Nash 7
Donal O'Connor 8
Tatiana Romanova 7
Rake 6
Anson 8
Volker the Puppet Prince 5
Vasilis 2
Gideon Fontaine 3

Average 5.67; High crypt 29, Low Crypt 14.

LIBRARY [90 cards]

MASTERS [20; 22.2%]
Effective management x 3
Warzone HG
Carthage Remembered x 2
Elysium - the Arboretum
Sudden Reversal
Blood Doll x 2
Pentex Subversion
The Rack
Minion Tap x 5
Fragment of the Book of Nod

ACTIONS [24; 26.7%]
Kine Dominance x 2
Scouting Mission x 5
Govern the Unaligned x 5
The Fifth Tradition - Hospitality x 5
The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting x 3
Social Charm x 2
Legal manipulations x 2

VOTES [15; 16.7%]
Brujah Justicar
Consanguineous Boon x 2
Kine Resources Contested x 5
Praxis Seizure: Geneva
Praxis Seizure: Glasgow
Praxis Seizure: Boston
Conservative Agitation x 2
Parity Shift x 2