Legbiter's Childer's Crusade

The Hated Coupe, beneath whose Iron Heel the Kindred of Central England 
Nightly Groan, will probably do one of his excellent tournament reports 
for this, since he was the Judge this year. Personally i had a blast, 
and got to the final with his little corker, eventually placing third 
with an overall total of 6VPs[and the same deck, near enough, got me 
second place in the August Portsmouth Tournament]. i actually beat the 
eventual winner of the GenCon tournament with it, too, in the first round, 
AND the winner of the August Portsmouth tournament was one of my victims 
in that game. i'm posting it cos quite a lot of people were interested 
in the deck, and the eventual winner saw it as the main threat ... 
as for a title .... hmm, let me see, how about Legbiter's Childer's Crusade?
CRYPT: 12 vamps.
Hector Sosa 4
Lupo 2
Hugo 4
Cristofero Giovanni 3
Raziya Samater 3
Dre Leader of the Cold Dawn 3
Koko 2
Mitchell the Headhunter 2
Hasina Kesi 1
Jimmy Dunn 4
Uriah Winter 1
Agatha 4
LIBRARY: 90 cards
18 Masters
Elder Library
2 x Tribute to the Master
4 x Potence
2 x Fame
Life Boob
Info Highway
5 x Effective Management
16 Actions
6 x Bum's Rush
5 x Computer Hacking
3 x Ambush
2 Reactions
2 x WWEF
54 Combat
5 x Fake Out
11 x Torn Signpost
15 x Immortal Grapple
7 x Taste of Vitae
9 x Undead Strength
2 x Increased Strength
5 x Mighty Grapple
Playing Tips: Beat the Unliving Shit out of one of your prey's vamps, 
then bleed for lots [weenie swarm plus a bit of Hacking]. Rush any 
predatory vamps that look like threatening you. In an emergency, kill 
ALL your predator's vamps, then life boon him/her to get a VP [i had to 
do this in the final]. Fake out for defence against Muddles and maybe 
War Ghoul, otherwise to close the range with Toreador and related