Setite Happy Families

So i rushed out and bought my Scryes, read mike's article [Lobotomy??? 
pull the other one, Mike! No, seriously, good work in promoting the great 
game] and built a deck with Hesha in it. Alright, that's a lie really. 
i stuffed Hesha into my existing Setite Happy Families deck, played a game 
with it last Wednesday, tweaked out the totally useless politics and came 
up with this which i played last night in a 3-player. In neither of these 
games did i get to activate Hesha, and nor have i managed to bring him out 
in home play yet.

CRYPT [13 vampires]
Hadrian Garrick 
Lena Rowe
Hesha Ruhadze
Khalil Anvari
Greta Kircher

LIBRARY [75 cards].
Blood Doll x 2
Guardian Angel
Information Highway
Minion Tap
Opium Den
The Path of Typhon
The Realm of the Black Sun
Storage Annex
Temple HG
Tribute to the Master
44 Magnum
Covenant of Blood
Deer Rifle x 2
Forced Awakening x 2
Leather Jacket x 3
Mummy's Tongue
WWEF x 3
Zip Gun x 2
Cloak the Gathering x 3
Elder impersonation
Faceless Night x 2
Lost in Crowds x 3
Swallowed by the Night x 3
Aire of Elation x 2
Legal Manipulations x 4
Majesty x 5
Media Influence x 2
Form of Corruption
Form of the Serpent x 4
Heart of Darkness x 3
Lure of the Serpent
Mark of Damnation x 2
Temptation x 2
Aura Reading x 2
Enhanced Senses
Primal Instincts
The Spirit's Touch
Telepathic Counter

Quite a functional little deck this, and played quite differently on 
its two competitive outings. In the first game it turned into a 
stealth-bleed and biff deck since my prey [Mark] activated Ventrues 
and i had Kemintiri in my crypt. Did some ridiculous deals and had 
some done against me in consequence, final 2-2 table split with me 
"winning" on being last man standing. In the second i got out Greta 
Kircher who i've always thought is a bit good and also did some 
productive temptation against my weenie prey's main blocker, a guy 
called Joe playing VTES basically for the first time. He did really 
well, incidentally - won the first game before i arrived taking out 
John Keech, John Eagles and Rob Treasure along the way, also won the 
second game by taking out John Keech and then me by concession since 
i'd arranged a lift for 11pm precisely. However, had i been able to 
stay i would have won since he was bleeding me for 1 each [less if 
i Greta'd it] with an ever-decreasing number of vampires thanks to 
temptation and Form of Corruption. Probably the above deck needs to 
lose all aspirations to blocking and just go with TCs and aura readings 
for the auspex sauce. Lure of the Serpent and Temptation are terrific 
and maybe there should be another lure for one of the Hearts of Darkness 
but HoD and MoD are really not bad in this deck.