i've been liquidating a bunch of old decks that we don't play with 
any more and have started to build or rebuild a few new decks. 
Here's one that has a gangrel angle though not, i have to admit, 
an antitribu one. The idea of this deck is to get the opportunity 
to deal out ranged unpreventable damage that can't be SCE'd and 
can only be dodged if the opposing minion has additional strikes.  
Basically you do this by getting the Dog Pack onto an Assamite, 
either via Panagos/Heidelberg or else via Clan Impersonation. 
Pool gain and speed are problems for this deck and hence the 
Succubus club [so that you can blackmail other methuselahs or 
hire yourself out to them - an old idea i got from William Lee] 
and multi-blood dolls.

CRYPT [12 vamps]
2 Panagos Levidis
4 Husamettin
4 Abd Al-Rashid
2 Al-Ashrad
LIBRARY [88 cards]
18 Masters:
7 Haven Uncovered
5 Blood Doll
The Rack
Underworld HG
Heidelberg Castle, Germany
Succubus Club
Dreams of the Sphinx
18 Non-Discipline:
3 Dog Pack
5 Forced Awakening
4 Taste of Vitae
Mr Winthrop
3 Clan Impersonation
Palatial Estate
17 Obfuscate:
3 Faceless Night
3 Swallowed by the Night
4 SAcrificial Lamb
3 Cloak the Gathering
2 Lost in Crowds
2 Spying Mission
15 Celerity
8 Pursuit
2 Blur
5 Sidestrike
15 Quietus
6 Taste of Death
9 Blood Sweat
6 Presence
6 Legal Manipulations