Malkavian Out of Turn Combat Deck - 4th Edition

AARGH!!! Fame! I need Fame! Fame instead of DI, probably.

5 x Greger Anderssen
2 x Zebulon

4 x Madness Network
6 x Rotshreck
3 x Tribute to the Master
5 x Protean
The Rack
12 x Bum's Rush
5 x Progeny
2 x Graverobbing
4 x Swallowed by the Night
2 x Rapid Change
8 x Second Tradition: Domain
4 x Precognition
2 x Eagles' Sight
2 x Homunculus
Ivory Bow
Inverary Castle Scotland
Palatial Estate
Malkavian Justicar
13 x Claws of the Dead
3 x Flesh of marble
6 x Form of the Ghost

GtU is worth a thought but i'm leaving it out because there is a LOT of
Deflection in our environment at the moment, and none of my minions has DOM.
When it works this deck should turn into a weenie swarm and then you don't
need the bleed modifiers.Actually, re-reading jasper's post i realise i need 
to explain this deck abit better. The ideal is to use a Madness Network 
action to rush a minion outof turn. Manouever to close if necessary 
[Form of the Ghost rather than Clawsbecause you can't rely on having 
superior protean, and also Claws costsmore], strike Claws of the Dead 
and then Rotshreck if necessary [if youencounter S:CE, are fighting 
someone else combatty [not a problem if you flesh of marble having 
intercepted with Precognition] or anticipate damage prevention]. 
Then use another Madness Network action to diablerise or graverob or 
even, if they are famous, rescue the downed minion. With Homunculus, 
this has a chance of overcoming the inherent slowness of combat decks. 
Of course the deck can do other things - swarm bleed is plan B, and Princely 
intercept is another opportunity to torporise people. Judgement is necessary 
in the use of Rotshreck because you can only play one each time round the table. 
This version of the deck is going to need playtesting but my sense is that 
it could well achieve voting superiority by killing everyone else who votes 
and/or doing deals. In that case there might be a place for 1st Tradition: 
The Masquerade [because uniquely, you won't NEED your turn to hurt people] 
and in any event there is probably a case for 4th Tradition: The Accounting 
so's to get out more little vamps and/or gain pool. It's just a question of 
slots. Elysium, Obedience and Legacy of Power are the dangers for this deck. 
You can minimise these risks by voting out Elysium and being careful to jump on
younger vampires and Princes first - or find a slot for DI. You want to be
careful blocking vamps with FOR in case they are packing Kiss of Ra. Change
of Target, Ghoul escort, Concoction of Vitality, Walk Through Arcadia and 
DayOp can be tiresome but all these have their own downside and they're not 
exactly strategies of choice for most decks these nights! There is another 
version of this deck with obf/cel and weapons. That works [though as James 
Coupe points out, it's a difficult deck to play], but i think this one will 
be even better.