Black Hand Anarchs

This is a concept deck which didn't really work out in practice, and
yet i'm nearly sure that there is a viable strategy in here - to make
a deck of Black Hand Anarchs, using all the funky-but-subtle specials
of those two groups to do horrid stuff to people. i only played this
version once, getting thoroughly kicked in by Michael's !Brujah, but
as i say still think there is something to work on here, so have not
TOTALLY liquidated it.

DECK NAME: Black Hand Anarchs
CREATED BY: Legbiter
CONCEPT: Cross the Black hand with the Anarchs and, erm, see what
comes out.

2 x Henri Lavenant pot qui DOM OBT
2 x Selena AUS DOM THA
2 x Banjoko obt pot DOM
2 x Wah Chun-Yuen cel dom pre POT
Tarbaby Jack dom ser ANI OBF POT
Blackhorse Tanner AUS DOM FOR
Soldat cel dom obf POT PRO
Yasmin the Black dom pre AUS THA

12 dom, 8 pot, 4 obt, 4 aus, 3 cel, 3 pre, 3 tha, 2 obf, 2 qui, 1 ser,
1 ani, 1 pro.

30 masters [15 normal, 15 trifles]
WMRH Talk radio
Political HG
Elysian Fields
4 x Blood Doll
Anarch Free Press
Anarch Railroad
Hospital Food
Seattle Committee
3 x Dominion
5 x Life in the City
5 x Galaric's Legacy
5 x Corporal Reservoir

60 minion, 30 of which Anarch/Black Hand, 30 Happy Families
6 x Diversion
4 x Improvised tactics
2 x Body bag
Highway Haven: RV
2 x Stolen Police Cruiser
4 x Car Bomb
4 x The Mole
4 x Skullduggery
Flaming Candle
Circumspect Revelation
.44 magnum

30 non-anarch; 12+12+8+4+4 = 40
[12/40] x 30 = disciplineless [9]
[12/40] x 30 = dominate [9]
[8/40] x 30 = potence [6]
[4/40] x 30 = Obtenebration [3]
[4/40] x 30 = auspex [3]

Death of my Conscience
3 x Undead Strength
2 x Thrown gate

Pulse of the Canaille
2 x Telepathic misdirection

4 x Conditioning
4 x Deflection
3 x Tenebrous Form

2 x Ministry
2 x Watch commander
4 x Forced Awakening

This deck definitely needs work, and as a first approximation it will
be made a "true" happy families deck, ie MASSIVELY increase the amount
of Dominate which, as we all know, is a Good Thing. Probably cut the
masters radically and go with just dom, pot and disciplineless/Anarch,
raise up the going-to-anarch cards a little, and try again.