City Gangrel Antitribu Happy Families deck

City Gangrel Antitribu Happy Families deck [12 vampires, 70 library cards]

Itís now three years since I started writing these newsletters and at
long last I am getting round to writing about the Gangrel antis as a
clan. Actually there are two quite separate Gangrel anti factions Ė the
City Gangrel [cel/obf/pro, hate werewolves and in fact just about
everybody] and the Country Gangrel [ani/for/pro, live like nocturnal
plains indians, hate werewolves [therefore like the Black Spiral Dancers]
and quite like the camarilla gangrel too].

With that information itís pretty easy to see how the available Gangrel
antis divvy up, and to illustrate this Iíve devised the following two
Happy sub-Families decks, each with a nice little combo Ö.. DotB/Dawn Op/
Form of Mist or earth Meld for the Country deck, and Earth Meld/Psyche
for the City deck.

2 Sadie
2 Pieter
3 Zachary
3 Samantha
[Average 6.25, opening uncontrolled 11-37]

13 Masters:
Festivo Dellí Estinto
Hungry Coyote
Haven Uncovered
2 Blood Doll
2 Minion Tap
Campground HG
Mob Connections
City Gangrel Connections

14 Disciplineless Cards:
2 Computer Hacking [Sabbat version - read flavour text to see why]
Taste of Vitae
2 .44 Magnum
Changeling Skin Face Mask
Shadow Court Satyr
Bumís Rush
2 Ambush
Leather jacket

13 Protean
7 Earth Meld
4 Rapid Change
2 Homunculus

10 Obfuscate
2 Disguised weapon
4 Hidden Lurker
4 Swallowed by the Night

8 Celerity
4 Psyche
2 Blur
2 Flash

6 Fortitude
2 Skin of Steel
2 Skin of Rock
2 Freak Drive

6 Thamaturgy
3 Walk of Flame
3 Burst of Sunlight