Karaoke Killers

Deck name: Karaoke Killers
Created by: Legbiter
Concept: Presence/fortitude vote/bleed/bloat/swarm deck with solid
Daughters/Melpimone core.

CRYPT [12 vampires]
 Angela Decker
 Angela Preston x 2
 Antoinette DuChamp
 Celeste, The Voice of a Secret
 Courtland Leighton
 Delilah Monroe
 Gael Pilet
 Gideon Fontaine
 Igo the Hungry
 Timothy Crowley

LIBRARY [75 cards]

 The Barrens
 Blood Doll x 2
 Effective Management x 2
 Elder Library
 Elysium: The Arboretum
 Paris Opera House
 The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
 Secure Haven
 Sudden Reversal
 Tribute to the Master x 2


 Ancient influence
 Bribes x 2
 Concert Tour x 2
 Consanguineous Boon
 Consaguineous Condemnation x 2
 Conservative Agitation x 3
 Disputed Territory
 Domain Challenge x 2
 Kine Resources Contested x 2
 Political Flux
 Praxis Seizure: Amsterdam
 Praxis Seizure: Barcelona
 Praxis Seizure: Berlin
 Praxis Seixure: Brussels

 Daring the Dawn x 2
 Day Operation
 Force of Will x 3
 The Kiss of Ra
 Rapid Healing x 2
 Skin of Rock x 2
 Skin of Steel

 Echo of Harmonies x 2
 Madrigal x 4
 The Missing Voice x 2
 Tourette's Voice x 2

 Aire of Elation x 3
 Bewitching Oration x 4
 Catatonic Fear
 Charming Lobby x 2
 Majesty x 2
 Staredown x 2
 Voter Captivation x 3

i've played this deck twice and won both times. The second time my first prey
was Rob Treasure playing a Miller deck so it was a dam' fine game. Having
transcribed it here for the first time i notice it is 4CL-legal but of course
it wasn't designed with that in mind and it competes just fine in NCL. Star
cards are Tourette's Voice, Day Op/Daring the Dawn and Force of Will. i
wouldn't claim that this is a totally-new deck concept but i would say that
this is a goodish vote/bleed deck based on weenie-to-mid vampires, and that
Bloodlines cards make a significant contribution to its effectiveness.