Path of the Feral Heart

DECK: Path of the Feral Heart

One of the preview cards from Sabbat War is Path of the Feral Heart, a
burnable master card that gives the !Gangrel an edge in playing Protean
cards. In its honour i've constructed the following deck, which aims to
get maximum mileage out of the card by using as many expensive Protean
cards as possible. Probably the deck is too unfocussed, but i certainly
think there are interesting future opportunities for the !Gangrel
implicit in this card.

CRYPT [12 cards]
3 x Genevieve
3 x Caitlin
3 x Sadie
3 x Monique

LIBRARY [90 cards]
3 x path of the Feral Heart
The Hungry Coyote
Campground HG
2 x Blood Doll
Minion Tap
The Rumour Mill
Pentex Loves You!
City Gangrel Connections
Legendary vampire
Tomb of Rameses III
Giant's Blood
Dreams of the Sphinx

Disciplineless [16]
Cardinal Benediction
3 x Kine Resources Contested
Ancilla Empowerment
2 x Consanguineous Boon
5 x Wake with Evening's Freshness
.44 magnum
Leather Jacket
2 x Cryptic Rider

Protean [16]
Horrific Countenance
Shadow of the Beast
2 x Shadow of the Wolf
2 x Rapid Change
2 x Uncontrollable rage
2 x Body Flare
2 x Wolf Claws
2 x Dissolution
2 x Earth Control

Auspex [12]
Pulse of the Canaille
2 x My Enemy's Enemy
2 x Enhanced Senses
2 x Spirit's Touch
Telepathic Misdirection
2 x Aura Reading
2 x Eagles' Sight

Animalism [12]
Army of Rats
4 x Rat's Warning
4 x Cat's guidance
3 x Carrion crows

Dominate [8]
2 x Grave Robbing
3 x Conditioning
3 x Deflection

Fortitude [8]
3 x Skin of Steel
3 x Skin of Rock