Black Hand Hybrid

DECK: Black Hand Hybrid
SPAWNED BY: Legbiter
COMMENTS: A cross between 2 Jalan Aajav decks, one due to Jeff
"Lasombra" Thompson, the other to Smiling Tom [Almadeva, IIUC]. Fairly
functional deck [2 outings, swept once, lost once] but still needs
some work [eg Wolf Claws should all be Claws of the Dead or Bone Spur,
2 masters should be removed/replaced by Elder Library or Dreams of the
Sphinx, and number of action cards needs reducing to 16 or so, thereby
creating space for 2 Mythic Forms and 1 more ritual]. Requires careful
playing - build your hand and mount surgical strike [Grapple, agg
strike, decapitate, ritual].

CRYPT [12 vampires]:
Jalan-Aajav x 4
Soldat x 4
Skryta Zyleta x 4

LIBRARY [90 cards]
The Admonitions
Blood Doll x 6
Campground HG
Communal Haven: Cathedral
Corporal Reservoir x 2
The Path of the Feral Heart
Talons of the Dead
Watchtower: Four Ride Forth
Weeping Stone


Ambush x 3
Bloodwork x 6
Harass x 3
Reunion Kamut x 7

Body Flare
Claws of the Dead x 5
Decapitate x 7 
Flesh of Marble x 7
Immortal Grapple x 11
Wolf Claws x 4

Ritual of the Bitter Rose  x 6

Eye of Hazimel

Forced Awakening x 5
Ministry x 6