Toreador Antitribu Happy Families deck

Here's the deck. Actually it is one of roughly 15 designed [as anam says] 
on the "Happy Families" principle [qv, on this newsgroup; note that the 
initial post contains an incorrect version of the formula, corrected in the 
thread], and probably it's in the top 20% of those [the !Bru and !Ven decks 
are almost certainly even better, and the Giovanni deck is also very strong].
This !Tor deck has a bit of everything! i ousted my first prey [Anam, playing 
Brujah/Lasombra pot/dom/obt combat/bleed .... She Begged for her Life] largely 
by votes [bit of bleed], my second prey [Nathan Hanley, playing Tremere/!Tre 
combat/bleed] by bleeds [Palla Grande came up just at the right moment] and my 
third prey [John Lee Barber, playing cel-pot-pre combat/bleed, and making 
good use of Distraction] by combat. 
DECK NAME: The family that bleeds, votes and slays together, stays together.
FORMAT: NCL Constructed [but ok for 4/6 CL], 
4-5 player tables [but ok for 3-player].
CRYPT [12 vampires]
One of each of the !Toreadors
Angela Decker
[low draw 10, high draw 34, average 5.6]
[initial crypt for this game was 1, 6 [Ian Wallingford], 7, 8 [average 5.5] 
and i played third out of 4. i didn't draw jost - 5th vamp out was the 6-cap 
girlie with +1 bleed and for, Sheila mazarin, that's it.] 
LIBRARY [70 cards]
Celerity cards [13]
Blur x 3
Side Strike
Fast Hands
Acrobatics x 2
Sideslip x 2
Flash x 2
Speed of Thought
Presence Cards [15]
Majesty x 4
Social Charm x 2
Mind Numb
Legal Manipulations x 3
Voter Captivation
Bewitching Oration x 2
Auspex Cards [13]
Aura Reading
Telepathic Misdirection
Pulse of the Canaille
Spiritís Touch x 2
Scrying of Secrets
Telepathic Counter x 3
Enhanced Senses x 2
Fortitude cards [4]
Daring the Dawn
Skin of Steel
Other Masters [10]
Blood Doll x 2
Minion Tap
Misdirection x 2
Short-term investment
Palla Grande
The Art of Love
Fetish Club HG
The Art of Pain
Non-Discipline cards [15]
.44 magnum
Forced Awakening x 2
Disputed Territory
KRC x 2
Goth Band
Dramatic Upheaval
Art Scam
Marijava Ghoul
Leather Jacket
Bang Nakh Ė Tigerís Claws
Political Flux
Consanguineous Boon
Unblockability 2/70 3%
Tap 3/70 4%
Vote 9/70 13%
Bleed 8/70 11%
Combat 23/70 33%
Allies/Retainers 4/70 [counting Entrancement and Art of Love] 6% 
Wake 3/70 4%
Intercept 5/70 7%
Bleed-bounce or counter 3/70 4%
Pool/Blood gain 14/70 20%
Information gain 2/70 3%
Draw cards 1/70 1%
Stealth <1/70 <1% [marijava ghoul]
[Figures don't add up to 70/100% because of multivalency of some cards] 
Comments: A Sweet deck to play on its first competitive outing, 
gaining 4/4 VPs. It is based on an all-Sabbat deck that Lady Legbiter 
and Michael HATED in corsica, except when they got to play with it. 
My favourite moment was when Rigby, armed with an SMG and glazer rounds 
in hand, blocked Lachlan, tooled up with the Art of Pain and bang Nakh. 
John went long with the gun, i manoeuvered back to short with Flash, and 
Acrobatics superior to dodge the gun and deal him 5 damage.