Legbiter's Second Crusade


Crypt [12 cards]
Gaspare Giovanni x3
Beast, Leatherface of Detroit x3
Richter, The Templar of Du Mont x3
Sela x3

[75 cards; can easily be made 90 if that excites you. Personally i
don't buy the argument that bigger decks are better. When was the last time
you played out your 90-card library in a Jyhad game?] 

Masters [20] 
Amusement Park Hunting Ground 
Morgue Hunting Ground 
Shanty Town Hunting Ground 
Gang Territory 
Celerity x 3 
Blood Doll x 3 
Fame x 2 
Information Highway x 2 
Minion Tap 
Major Boon x 2 
KRCG News Radio 
The Rumour Mill 
[No Humanitas. It just isn't worth the slot. If it becomes imperative to hit 
your prey for MORE than 3 in a turn, just pay the two to rescue your prey's 
torpid vamp, and then hit him/her again. Blood gain from the HGs and Taste 
of Vitae will fill your vamps up alright.]

1 Equipment
Sport's Bike [or Mr Winthrop the retainer]

33 Combat
Flash x 3
Lightning Reflexes
Taste of Vitae x 2
Immortal Grapple x 13
Torn Signpost x 2
Sideslip x 3
Blur x 3
Rapid Thought
Disarm x 5

6 Votes
Cardinal Benediction x 3
KRC x 3

11 Actions
Bum's Rush x 9
Ambush x 2

4 Reactions
Wake with Evenings Freshness x 4

Deck by: Legbiter, Prince of Wessex, Fanner of the Rules-Fight Flame,
Complacently Slow-Minded Minion of Chaos and Entropy, Hated Apostate 
from the Pure Faith of Rush Combat, Slayer of Fish and Snogger of Beautiful 
Foreign Girls Without Regard to Race, Creed or Colour*.