American Beauty Deck

This is kind of a back-to-basics deck, a phrase unfortunately reminiscent 
of a campaign by the last conservative government which, after a number of 
high-profile revelations of cabinet sleaze, was irreverently redubbed the 
back-to-my-place campaign. But i digress. It's the wine. i am just back from 
playing at the lovely [but cruel] Louisa Cowie's house, where i got 4/7 VPs, 
the others going to Anam [1] and Ian [2]. As some of you may know, i am 
currently on a voting/fighting kick, having decided that these are the two 
areas of the game i like best. And it's not that i'm bored with my Nossies, 
it's just that i wanted a change and a challenge, so, inspired by the success 
of the Tatu/Legbiter experiment described in a previous post, i made the 
following deck from two boxes of Jyhad boosters [less what we used to build 
Michael's mainly-Brujah bash-bleeders]:

Legbiter's American Beauty Deck
Vote/Bash deck, mainly Tories.
All-Jyhad Theme deck, built from slightly less than two boxes of jyhad boosters.

CRYPT: 12 vamps
Delilah Easton 2 pre
Colin Flynn 3 cel aus
Dorain Strack 4 cel AUS
Felicia Mostrom 5 pre CEL AUS
Ramiel Dupre 5 aus cel dom PRE
Adrianne 6 pot pre cel aus +1 bleed
Rake 6 pot aus cel PRE Prince of Atlanta
Elliott Sinclair 7 cel aus PRE Primogen +1 Hand damage
Tatiana Romanova 7 pre cel AUS Prince +1 Bleed
Anson 8 dom aus PRE CEL Prince of Seattle Free Parthenon
Anneke 10 dom PRE CEL AUS Toreador Justicar +1 bleed Free Eagles' Sight 
Masika 10 PRE CEL AUS Primogen +1 Bleed Untap between turns

LIBRARY: 90 cards
The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality
Pulse of the Canaille
The Third Tradition: Progeny x 2

Bewitching Oration x 2
Bribes x 2
Scorn of Adonis
Telepathic Vote Counting
Voter captivation x 2

Aura Reading x 2
Blur x 4
Fast hands
Flash x 4
Majesty x 3
Sideslip x 2
Vampiric Speed x 2

.44 magnum
Aaron's Feeding Razor
Flak Jacket
Flame Thrower x 2
[wooden] Stake x 2

Aching Beauty x 2
Art Museum
Blood Doll x 2
Elysium: The Arboretum
Giant's Blood
Major Boon
Minion Tap x 2
Powerbase - Chicago
Powerbase - Washington, DC
Presence x 2
The Rack
Society HG
Society of Leopold

Eagle's Sight x 2
Enhanced Senses x 3
The Second Tradition - Domain
The Spirit's Touch x 3
Telepathic Misdirection x 5
Wake with Evening's Freshness x 4

Resplendent Protector

VOTES [14]
Archon x 2
Consanguineous Boon x 2
Disputed Territory
Kindred Restructure
Kine Resources Contested x 6
Parity Shift
Political Flux

No stealth to speak of, of course, and so i was a bit lucky not to be 
sitting next to John Eagles's Tzimisce guys. But this was a serious 
game and a big table, no card-limits or anything like that, and my 
victims were Ian Stubbington [tied with Rob Treasure in the last 
Wednesday night final], Michael aka Anklebiter [7 VPs in the last 
tournament] and Louisa Cowie [who whopped my Nossie ass in the last 
game at her house, and got 3 VPs in the last tournament]. All of which 
is to say that a not TERRIBLY original [except in theme] deck built 
from a limited card-pool can still be competitive and good fun to 
play in the rough, tough world of fin-de-siecle Jyhad. Total cost 
of this deck to me was absolutely nothing, since all the cards 
were gifts from David T.