Gee, i would really HATE anyone to think the challenge response deck is 
anything but AWFUL - mindless card-cycling, any monkey could do it. 
John's and Dave's ideas are for proper decks - this isn't a deck IMO, 
it's an abuse of the existing cards. How about the following even more 
awful deck to reinforce the point:
5 Uriah Winter
5 March Halcyon
5 Giuliano Vincenzi
5 Rufina Soledad
8 Parthenon
2 Info Highway
20 Fortitude Master Discipline cards
6 Freak Drive
6 Soul Gem of Etrius
16 Force of Will
16 Daring the Dawn [or 12 plus 4 Day Operation]
8 Tasha Morgan
8 JS Simmons
13-14 different cards, totally mindless automatic "strategy" ... to me 
this is what is meant by regressive-degenerate. It's not unbeatable, 
thank Caine, but just think how TEDIOUS this would be for a wide range 
of decks.