Malkavian Out of Turn Rush Deck version 3.0 (4/16/99)

Here [in response to a number of requests] is the latest version of the
Malkavian Out of Turn Rush-combat deck which i am developing.

CRYPT [12 vampires]:
Marcellus, Prince of Monaco x 2
Zebulon x 2
Greger Anderssen x 3

LIBRARY [90 cards]:

The Rack
Protean x 4
Rotschreck x 7
Madness Network x 4
Fame x 2

The Second Tradition - Domain x 10
Eagle's Sight x 2
Precognition x 4

Form of the Ghost x 6
Claws of the Dead x 13
Body of Sun x 2
Flesh of Marble x 3

Ritual of the Bitter Rose x 2 

White Phosphorous Grenade

Rapid Change x 2
Swallowed by the Night x 4

Ambush x 2
Bum's Rush x 10
The Third Tradition - Progeny x 4
The Fourth Tradition - The Accounting x 2
The Fifth Tradition - Hospitality x 2

Homunculus x 2

NOTES: The deck's aim is to torporise and then diablerise 
opponents'vampires. It does this by attempting to deal 
aggravated damage when it is notyour turn, either by intercept 
or Madness Network rushes, and then playingRotshreck if required. 
Properly played, it wins essentially all 3 and 4player games 
in which it participates, and it has enough resilience and 
speed to win a good proportion of 5-player games too. Once 
Greger has a homunculus,superior PRO and the Rack your opponents 
may as well give up, unless theyhave a specialised anti-Malky OOT 
rush deck .... Elysium the Arboretum,Allies, Kiss of Ra, Obedience 
and Legacy of Power are really the only cardsthat scare this deck 
at all.However, like all rush-combat decks this one takes a bit 
of finesse to pulloff. Concentrate on your prey, and let your 
predator hurt you a little bitrather than give your grand predator 
an easy VP. In big games, offer to oustyourself to give your 
predator 2 VP's at the end of the game in exchange forbeing left 
alone. Don't for Caine's sake get drunk with success and start
attacking your grand prey/grand predator until you absolutely 
MUST, ie whenthey are about to oust your predator. Remember you 
only can play oneRotschreck per time round the table, so don't 
use till you have to. You mustplay Rotschreck as you announce your 
intention to deal aggravated damage, soit is wise to smack it down 
if you are dealing with somebody who has PRE orFOR, and wisest of
all to save the PRE/ FOR guys for last in the round.The deck only 
works post-7/7 BTW, because of the change to the Rotschreck and
second tradition rules. The Fame change helps too, but the Fame 
cards are not essential except in bigger games. If fame had its old 
text then it would probably be replaced by 2 GtU's. GtU's instead 
of FoM's might well make the deck work better, but i haven't got 
round to testing this variant yet. There is a weapons variant which 
is also good but screwable by some of the animalism combat cards. 
The Madness Networks are the thing that make this deck work so well, 
because they allow you to be pro-active - essential for combat success, 
in my view. Replacing Marcellus by two more Gregers is risky, because 
you then become TERRIBLY vulnerable to contestment, as i discovered in 
the last Portsmouth constructed deck tournament.